Terry Badger
Apr 27, 2021

What bankers need to know, generation by generation

New BAI research is out with detailed portraits of typical members of each generation and what they want from their financial services providers. BAI's Karl Dahlgren digs into the numbers and shares insights that can benefit banks and credit unions.

Predictive Analytics for Strategic Capacity Planning

Jim Delapa Aug 5, 2014

How are some banks growing revenue and maintaining target customer service levels without increasing branch staff? The short answer is by using predictive analytics.

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Channel or device? The debate goes on

Clint Swift May 6, 2013

It has become a commonplace to say that the traditional banking and payments industries need to be customer centric if they’re going to survive, much less thrive.

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Turning Small Business into Big Business

Mark Riddle Mar 11, 2013

When it comes to utilizing technology, small business banking customers are definitely traditional in their preferences: branch visits and personal service still rate highly with them, online and mobile banking less so, and they’re highly fee-sensitive, all of which makes them more costly to serve than retail customers overall.

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Connecting to Payments Change

Debbie Bianucci Mar 4, 2013

For many years, the payments business has been an important priority for financial services companies because of the impact of payments on product and customer delivery strategies and the associated robust revenue streams.

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Relationships Built on Trust

Mark Riddle Aug 17, 2012

First, the facts.

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How to Generate Loan Growth

Mark Riddle May 11, 2012

First quarter numbers are in and loan demand is still dragging, which is bad news for banks.

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Segmentation Comes of Age

Mark Riddle Mar 28, 2012

Financial institutions have been using customer data for segmentation purposes for many years in order to target customers for more efficient marketing.

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Framework for Branch Reductions

Dan Shannon Dec 7, 2011

Given the ongoing challenge of near-term revenue growth, many financial institutions struggle with deciding what steps need to be taken to ensure long-term survival and prosperity.

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Confronting the Revenue Growth Challenge

Mark Riddle Aug 15, 2011

Revenue generation in traditional banking comes from the interest rate spread on taking deposits and making loans while collecting fees in the process.

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