Terry Badger
Sep 14, 2021

U.S. banks are playing catch-up on digital technology

Jean-Pierre Lacroix, president of the branding and design firm SLD, tells us what North American banks can learn from overseas financial institutions about the latest tech and how they can put those insights to work.

Millennials on banks and money

Chris Skinner Dec 11, 2015

There’s been a lot of debate about millennials and their likes and dislikes.

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New and renew for continuous innovation

Kenneth Cline Sep 28, 2015

Even as banks across the globe accelerate their innovation in mobile, big data and social channels, they also face the need to renew the legacy system infrastructures that often prevent them from taking full advantage of these front-end improvements.

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Raising the bar for innovation

Bill Hippensteel Aug 31, 2015

As the role of technology grows in retail banking, innovation is no longer simply about online, mobile or even omnichannel, say the judges in the BAI-Infosys Finacle Global Banking Innovation Awards 2015.

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Increased call complexity alters contact center practices

Bill Hippensteel Aug 4, 2015

Contact center calls are growing longer because of the increasing complexity of customer questions and concerns, causing many banks to alter their processes for handling incoming calls and “after-calls” (documentation and customer follow-up).

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Changing industry dynamics through innovation

Debbie Bianucci Aug 3, 2015

Over the past five years, the BAI-Infosys Finacle Global Banking Innovation Awards have showcased innovation and emphasized the importance of changing how we provide value to customers in the financial services industry.

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How to boost performance with branches

Nick Rose Jul 10, 2015

For everything from strategy formation to performance management, banks compare themselves to their peers, and the way they define their peers has often come down to answering a simple question: who’s across the street? New BAI research indicates it’s time to stop asking that question and to completely redefine what constitutes a peer.

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Lifting your compliance culture

Karl Dahlgren Jun 29, 2015

It has always been a vital necessity for financial services companies to ensure that they are properly training their employees in matters of regulatory compliance.

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Bank innovation inspired globally

Bill Hippensteel Apr 7, 2015

Innovation in financial services has become a worldwide phenomenon, as showcased in the annual BAI-Infosys Finacle Global Banking Innovation Awards.

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Hot button issues at BAI Payments Connect 2015

Debbie Bianucci Feb 18, 2015

One of the goals of BAI has always been to bring relevant information and valuable insights to executives in the financial services industry.

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