Terry Badger
Jun 28, 2022

Customer demand is driving open banking adoption

On the BAI Banking Strategies podcast, David Foss, CEO at Jack Henry & Associates, joins us to discuss open banking and the scale-defying opportunities it can provide for regional and community institutions.

Key banking issues and trends for 2022

Terry Badger Dec 14, 2021

Karl Dahlgren, who heads the research group at BAI, is with us to talk about emerging issues and ongoing trends that stand to affect the industry in 2022.

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Fraudsters are copying customer behavior to fool safeguards

Terry Badger Dec 7, 2021

David Schneiderman and Andrew Corbett from NICE Actimize join us to discuss the types of fraud that have become a huge customer-security challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how banks and credit unions can fight back.

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Technology is speeding up the mortgage process

Terry Badger Nov 30, 2021

As banks and credit unions undergo digital transformation, the mortgage department is getting its share of attention. ServiceLink's Phillip Petrie joins us to discuss how automation and other advances are streamlining the mortgage process.

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Banks are still finding their footing on ESG

Terry Badger Nov 29, 2021

In our latest BAI Executive Report, we explore how to balance ESG’s forward-looking imperatives with today’s business realities.

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The pandemic may ease off, but not banking innovation

Terry Badger Nov 16, 2021

Growing competition in financial services is fueling a corresponding upswing in innovation among both new entrants and established players. BAI’s Debbie Bianucci and Dennis Gada from Infosys discuss the latest innovations they’re seeing, and how those advances stand to change the industry.

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A successful DEI program is built on data and relationships

Terry Badger Nov 9, 2021

Stephanie Smith, who heads Fifth Third Bank’s DEI efforts, joins us to discuss how data and relationships can help build a program that provides greater access and opportunity, both in the bank and in the community.

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What can you learn from a digital early-mover?

Terry Badger Nov 2, 2021

University Credit Union CEO David Tuyo joins us to talk about his institution's digital gains during the pandemic, where it's headed and what others can learn from his institution’s acceleration into digital banking.

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SMBs are an untapped opportunity for banks

Terry Badger Nov 1, 2021

In our latest BAI Executive Report, we explore how financial institutions can broaden and deepen their small business relationships.

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How banks should be thinking about ESG

Terry Badger Oct 26, 2021

Amelia Pan, managing director in the ESG advisory group at PJT Partners, joins us with thoughts on how bankers should think about environmental, social and governance considerations as they gain in stature.

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