Terry Badger
Jul 13, 2021

Banking customers share what they want and need

Banks and credit unions seeking to tighten connections with their customers need to know what those customers value. On this podcast, Karl Dahlgren from BAI shares interesting and surprising results from the latest BAI Banking Outlook research on consumer banking preferences.

3 ways to make DEI gains in 2021

Debbie Bianucci Jan 13, 2021

BAI CEO Debbie Bianucci outlines approaches that will help your organization make tangible progress on diversity, equity and inclusion in the coming year.

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Banking in 2021: Cold start, bold finish?

Terry Badger Jan 12, 2021

Second Curve Capital CEO Tom Brown says he sees a weak beginning for banks giving way to a strong second half as the economy picks up momentum.

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What matters most to each generation of banking customers

Holly Hughes Jan 11, 2021

Security, payments and online tutorials are all priorities. CMO Holly Hughes shares additional insights from the BAI 2021 Banking Outlook report.

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The case for updating and upgrading bank bill pay

Terry Badger Jan 5, 2021

Customers will take care of some of their holiday spending bills with bank bill pay. But has the service kept pace with other digital updates? BillGO's Dan Holt discusses the current state of bank bill pay and why it should get a makeover.

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May we please have some 2021 now?

Terry Badger Dec 16, 2020

Let's start the new year on the right foot with insights from BAI's latest Executive Report, which takes a look at addressing current industry challenges and getting ahead of the new ones.

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Shifts in trust and other emerging trends to prioritize in 2021

Terry Badger Dec 15, 2020

Karl Dahlgren, managing director for research at BAI, discusses a number of trends as we head into the new year, including shifts in consumer trust, the prioritization of diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, and the most important financial services needs by generation.

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Delighting customers by digitizing the back office

Terry Badger Dec 8, 2020

Your digital transformation shouldn't stop with customer-facing channels. ServiceNow's Tammi Shapiro discusses the economic and efficiency benefits of an end-to-end digital solution.

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COVID-19 as a real-life stress test for credit risk

Terry Badger Nov 17, 2020

What are the challenges of extreme tail events and how does going through COVID-19 help improve future risk modeling? Two experts in credit risk analysis at Moody’s Analytics share their insights on this week's podcast.

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A focus on team and mission makes veterans a good fit for financial institutions

Terry Badger Nov 10, 2020

For Veteran’s Day, our podcast guest is Barclay Keith, who served in the Army in Afghanistan prior to co-founding the fintech firm Artis Technologies, where he is now CEO. He joins us to share insights on what veterans have to offer banks and credit unions.

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