Terry Badger
Oct 20, 2020

Digital’s future: A new line of business, not just a bolt-on

Greg Thompson, director of change management at nCino, shares his insights on how banks and credit unions should think about digital transformation.

Gen Z is fond of fintech, but they like tellers too

Terry Badger Apr 21, 2020

Generation Z may have grown up as digital natives, but when it comes to banking, they’re not just about the technology.

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COVID-19 and the importance of ‘Doing Digital’

Terry Badger Apr 14, 2020

We hear a lot about the need for digital transformation in the banking industry and, if nothing else, the COVID-19 experience is reaffirming for banks the importance of their digital identity and capabilities.

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Making some sense of the Paycheck Protection Program

Terry Badger Apr 7, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has closed the doors of small businesses, driving up unemployment and stress levels across America.

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ECM as a powerful workflow tool for financial institutions

Terry Badger Mar 31, 2020

Spare rooms, couches and dining room tables are now office space for millions of Americans working from home due to COVID-19.

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Tools to help your customers and organization through COVID-19

BAI Mar 18, 2020

Get insights on how to maintain business operations while keeping employees and customers safe and informed.

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How will coronavirus affect the financial services industry?

Terry Badger Mar 17, 2020

Wild daily swings in the stock market are just one sign of the sudden toll that the novel coronavirus is taking on America’s economic health.

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Will today’s money manager be tomorrow’s life fixer?

Terry Badger Mar 10, 2020

We’re in the thick of tax season now – that time of year when financial advisors huddle with their clients to discuss planning and portfolios.

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Top 2019 podcasts: Getting a grip on the best data insights

BAI Dec 17, 2019

Data can yield great value for banks and even more for customers.

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Podcast: Getting in gear for 2020

Matt McGuire Dec 10, 2019

What challenges and opportunities lie ahead for financial services leaders in 2020? BAI’s Karl Dahlgren and Jason Mencias walk us through the findings of new BAI Banking Outlook research.

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