Terry Badger
Jun 28, 2022

Customer demand is driving open banking adoption

On the BAI Banking Strategies podcast, David Foss, CEO at Jack Henry & Associates, joins us to discuss open banking and the scale-defying opportunities it can provide for regional and community institutions.

Banks can do more to prevent fraud

Terry Badger Oct 19, 2021

Andy Shank from Vericast joins us to discuss how banks and credit unions can better protect themselves from identity fraud, account takeover and phishing attempts.

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Lessons from a 220-year-old financial player

Terry Badger Oct 12, 2021

Financial commentator Zachary Karabell joins us to discuss his new book on Brown Brothers Harriman, one of the nation's oldest financial firms, and why its story matters for banks today and in the future.

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Personalization offers ‘tremendous opportunity’ for banks and credit unions

Terry Badger Sep 21, 2021

Greg Kanevski, global head of banking at ServiceNow, discusses a personalization strategy that has an optimal mix of people and technology.

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U.S. banks are playing catch-up on digital technology

Terry Badger Sep 14, 2021

Jean-Pierre Lacroix, president of the branding and design firm SLD, tells us what North American banks can learn from overseas financial institutions about the latest tech and how they can put those insights to work.

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Personalized banking is all about the customer journey

Terry Badger Sep 7, 2021

Cheryl Chiodi from ABBYY and industry consultant Jim Griffin share ideas on creating personalized banking experiences to strengthen customer relationships and stand up to outside threats.

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Pandemic changes make the case for benchmarking

Karl Dahlgren Sep 1, 2021

To navigate the financial industry’s new normal, it is critical to base strategic decisions on in-depth data analysis.

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The cloud takes shape for banks during COVID

Terry Badger Aug 31, 2021

The double whammy of COVID and competition has banks and credit unions speeding up their move to the cloud. Chris Zingo from Finastra discusses how the financial industry is changing its approach to the cloud as digital banking grows in importance.

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Shaping a collaborative future for banks and fintechs

Terry Badger Aug 25, 2021

BAI's latest Executive Report digs into how customers can benefit when these one-time heated rivals find common ground.

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Taking a digital path to a compelling CX

Terry Badger Aug 24, 2021

Chris Stanley from Moody’s Analytics joins us to discuss what goes into a personalized customer experience as banking goes ever more digital.

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