Terry Badger
Apr 13, 2021

The case for wealth management at community banks

When a community bank adds wealth management to its lineup of services, it can help deepen the bank’s relationship with customers while increasing revenue. RobustWealth CEO Mike Kerins shares additional insights on the BAI Banking Strategies podcast.

Fighting fraud in the era of COVID-19

Karl Dahlgren Aug 14, 2020

BAI research indicates that financial institutions and their customers are seeing more schemes and scams during the pandemic.

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Keeping the focus on diversity, equity and inclusion

Diane T. Ashley Aug 12, 2020

The surest path to get buy-in from C-suite leaders in financial services may be to frame DEI issues as a core business opportunity.

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Connecting with customers, Amazon style

Terry Badger Aug 11, 2020

Tom Long, principal at The Long Group, believes banks and credit unions can borrow from the Amazon playbook to enhance customer loyalty and boost their bottom line.

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Think you know how the generations like to bank? Think again.

Karl Dahlgren Jul 28, 2020

Baby Boomers can surprise with their embrace of financial technology, while Gen Z is showing some old-fashioned preferences.

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A new way to detect bias in banking

Terry Badger Jul 21, 2020

When people interact with a financial institution, they expect to be treated fairly. It’s not too much to ask, yet the complaint files suggest there may be gaps between the goal and the reality.

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Digital banking catches a tailwind

Terry Badger Jul 14, 2020

Digital banking has gained momentum as COVID-19 has dried up branch visits and face-to-face interactions. BAI's Mark Riddle and Jason Mencias discuss digital banking trends, what different demographics value and how financial institutions are handling the pandemic's disruptions.

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Getting the most out of that reopened branch

Terry Badger Jul 7, 2020

Brian Wallace, general manager for banking at Reflexis Systems, joins us with insights on what banks and credit unions can learn from the COVID-19 experience in making their branch operations more efficient.

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Changing the thinking on compliance training

Terry Badger Jun 29, 2020

A view from the front lines with BAI's Ed Marcheselli.

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Using CX to stand out from the crowd

Terry Badger Jun 23, 2020

SAS principals David Williams and Joan McGowan share insights on how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend toward digital, and how banks and credit unions can modernize their digital CX to gain a competitive advantage.

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