Terry Badger
Nov 30, 2021

Technology is speeding up the mortgage process

As banks and credit unions undergo digital transformation, the mortgage department is getting its share of attention. ServiceLink's Phillip Petrie joins us to discuss how automation and other advances are streamlining the mortgage process.

Branches have a bright future yet to be fully determined

Terry Badger Mar 22, 2021

Gain insights on the role branches will play in the future and why branches will remain an important asset for banks and credit unions.

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3 keys to creating more inclusive marketing

Holly Hughes Mar 17, 2021

Examine your process, resources and business integration to inspire meaningful progress for your brand.

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Thinking small can lead to big digital results

Terry Badger Mar 16, 2021

The idea of undertaking a digital transformation can be daunting. It doesn’t have to be. Hear how bank and credit union leaders can accelerate big digital makeovers with “micro-transformations.”

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Innovation with a social conscience

Terry Badger Mar 9, 2021

Texas-based Woodforest National Bank was among the first to create its own opportunity zone fund to promote development in low-income areas. Learn more about the 2020 BAI Global Innovation Awards winner.

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Driving change in trying times

Debbie Bianucci Feb 24, 2021

BAI Global Innovation Award winners create high-value, customer-focused solutions amid economic and industry uncertainties.

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3 new regulatory priorities for DC in 2021

Terry Badger Feb 23, 2021

With all of the big political shifts in Washington this year, we can expect to see big shifts in financial regulation as well. Jo Ann Barefoot, CEO at the Alliance for Innovative Regulation, discusses three regulation changes that could help the industry and the country.

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Finally, some love (and money) for the back office

Terry Badger Feb 22, 2021

Get insights on the back-office upgrades that will help banks and credit unions succeed in an increasingly digital world.

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Bank customers want an emotional connection

Terry Badger Feb 16, 2021

How can banks and credit unions become the go-to source for their customers’ financial needs? Gallup managing partner Anson Vuong discusses the importance of establishing a strong and lasting emotional connection.

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Chat banking: Meeting customers where they are

Terry Badger Feb 9, 2021

Is this the best location to connect with customers? That’s a key consideration when banks and credit unions evaluate a new branch location. Clickatell’s Hannes Van Rensburg says the same question applies in digital banking.

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