Terry Badger
Jul 13, 2021

Banking customers share what they want and need

Banks and credit unions seeking to tighten connections with their customers need to know what those customers value. On this podcast, Karl Dahlgren from BAI shares interesting and surprising results from the latest BAI Banking Outlook research on consumer banking preferences.

Embracing DEI is simply smart business for banks

Terry Badger Nov 4, 2020

BAI’s latest Executive Report offers insights on hiring and promoting talent with the goal of greater diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Growing branch value while shrinking the footprint

Terry Badger Nov 3, 2020

Bank branches were already evolving when the coronavirus arrived last spring, and the pandemic has only added to that state of change.

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Going digital without losing the human touch

Terry Badger Oct 27, 2020

How can banks blend their digital and human capabilities to create a better customer-service experience? Revation Systems’ Patrick Reetz shares his insights with BAI’s Terry Badger.

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Digital’s future: A new line of business, not just a bolt-on

Terry Badger Oct 20, 2020

Greg Thompson, director of change management at nCino, shares his insights on how banks and credit unions should think about digital transformation.

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COVID-19 pushes digital banking adoption to the tipping point

Karl Dahlgren Oct 1, 2020

Financial services leaders still have several challenges ahead to increase customer acquisition, strengthen engagement and boost revenue.

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Playing offense and defense against fraudsters

Terry Badger Sep 29, 2020

Matt Tengwall, general manager for fraud and security solutions at Verint Systems, discusses the tough security challenges that banks and credit unions now face, and he outlines ways to more effectively meet the upswing in scams and schemes targeting the industry.

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Financial services is an industry ripe for innovation

Terry Badger Sep 22, 2020

On this week's podcast, Amy Radin, a leading voice on innovation in financial services, discusses the opportunities banks and credit unions have to innovate, as well as the BAI Global Innovations Awards, where Radin serves as a judge.

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How one big bank is doing DEI

Terry Badger Sep 15, 2020

Nate Bennett, chief diversity officer at Comerica Bank, discusses the industry’s successes and ongoing challenges when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion. He also shares what’s working for Comerica in its approach to DEI that might also work for other banks and credit unions.

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Using EPM to plan an optimal go-forward strategy

Terry Badger Sep 8, 2020

Danny Baker, vice president of market strategy at Fiserv, discusses how EPM works and how it may provide value for banks and credit unions dealing with a disrupted financial services landscape.

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