Terry Badger
Oct 27, 2020

Going digital without losing the human touch

How can banks blend their digital and human capabilities to create a better customer-service experience? Revation Systems’ Patrick Reetz shares his insights with BAI’s Terry Badger.

Podcast: Getting in gear for 2020

Matt McGuire Dec 10, 2019

What challenges and opportunities lie ahead for financial services leaders in 2020? BAI’s Karl Dahlgren and Jason Mencias walk us through the findings of new BAI Banking Outlook research.

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Top 2019 podcasts: Digital transformation that triumphs

BAI Dec 3, 2019

Whether it benefits customers and employees on the front end or core systems on the back end, digital transformation is a top shelf to-do for banks in 2019.

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Top 2019 podcasts: Mastering the digital-physical mix

BAI Nov 26, 2019

Making consumer bank strategy stick ranks among the hottest topics in financial services today.

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Top 2019 podcasts: The inside story of America’s first mobile-only bank

BAI Nov 19, 2019

Considering that smartphone apps are just a dozen years old, the technology has exploded far beyond anything Steve Jobs might’ve imagined when he unveiled the first iPhone.

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Top 2019 podcasts: How one bank championed community resurgence

BAI Nov 12, 2019

Not much thought is always given to exactly what puts the “community” in “community banking.

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Direct banks, deposit growth and market domination

Karl Dahlgren Nov 11, 2019

As deposit growth remains a popular and sometimes heated discussion topic among bankers, it pays to step back and take stock of how the financial services industry got to this point, where we are today and what it means going forward, especially with direct banks moving into the picture like never before.

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Podcast: Direct insights on direct banks

BAI Oct 29, 2019

Who is using direct banks and why? How do their customers define convenience? BAI’s Jason Mencias and Mark Riddle share insights from the latest BAI Banking Outlook report on this week’s podcast.

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Video: The state of digital transformation in banking today

Holly Hughes Oct 28, 2019

Not Supported BAI’s Holly Hughes sits down with fintech leaders Jason Henrichs, FinTech Forge, and Kevin Lewis, Amount, to discuss the key issues surrounding digital transformation and how financial services leaders can approach converging technology with customer experience.

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Right on schedule: New branch tools and strategies to serve your staff

David Kerstein Oct 25, 2019

Once upon a time, the old Chicago Stadium was known as the “Madhouse on Madison.

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