Terry Badger
Aug 2, 2022

Where do banks fit into the metaverse?

On the BAI Banking Strategies podcast, Sandeep Vishnu from the consulting firm Capco shares his thoughts on how financial institutions might find a home in the metaverse.

Pandemic changes make the case for benchmarking

Karl Dahlgren Sep 1, 2021

To navigate the financial industry’s new normal, it is critical to base strategic decisions on in-depth data analysis.

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The cloud takes shape for banks during COVID

Terry Badger Aug 31, 2021

The double whammy of COVID and competition has banks and credit unions speeding up their move to the cloud. Chris Zingo from Finastra discusses how the financial industry is changing its approach to the cloud as digital banking grows in importance.

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Shaping a collaborative future for banks and fintechs

Terry Badger Aug 25, 2021

BAI's latest Executive Report digs into how customers can benefit when these one-time heated rivals find common ground.

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Taking a digital path to a compelling CX

Terry Badger Aug 24, 2021

Chris Stanley from Moody’s Analytics joins us to discuss what goes into a personalized customer experience as banking goes ever more digital.

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Making data breaches less of a burden for banks

Terry Badger Aug 17, 2021

As banks, credit unions and other businesses rely more on customer data, that data rises in value and becomes more of a theft target. Jim Van Dyke, a leading voice on data breaches, discusses how to best protect banking customers.

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The mutual benefits of bank-fintech partnerships

Terry Badger Aug 10, 2021

Randy Rivera, an ex-banker who's now on the fintech side, shares his thoughts on the benefits and challenges of a bank-fintech partnership.

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A bank’s innovative approach to attracting top talent

Holly Hughes Aug 9, 2021

Susan La Monica from Citizens discusses how Jamie, the bank’s virtual career assistant, improves a job candidate’s experience throughout the recruitment process. The human-capital innovation also won Citizens a BAI Global Innovations Award.

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TD wants to be the ‘go-to’ bank for Black and Latinx customers

Terry Badger Aug 3, 2021

Michael Innis-Thompson, the head of community lending at TD Bank, joins us to talk about TD's $105-million fund to help minority-owned small businesses and an even bolder initiative that the bank is undertaking.

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Customer focus is key for middle-market banks

Terry Badger Jul 27, 2021

Danelle Faust from Accenture Interactive shares a customer-centered strategy that can help middle-market banks compete more effectively with the industry’s biggest players despite the size gap.

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