Terry Badger
Oct 20, 2020

Digital’s future: A new line of business, not just a bolt-on

Greg Thompson, director of change management at nCino, shares his insights on how banks and credit unions should think about digital transformation.

Innovation insights: A look at the 2019 BAI Global Innovation Awards winners

Lou Carlozo Oct 15, 2019

Not Supported Over the last decade, financial services innovation has flourished not just in volume but also in variety.

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Digital transformation: The CFO as superhero

Lou Carlozo Sep 24, 2019

Not Supported Digital transformation demands that the role of the CFO change to meet a very particular, poignant set of challenges.

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Three pillars to build community banking success

Lou Carlozo Sep 17, 2019

Today’s community banking environment demands an extra layer of hustle and decisive action to grow and compete.

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Where banking success meets behavioral finance

Lou Carlozo Sep 10, 2019

  With roots in business academia, behavior finance provides answers to explain the perplexing things all of us do as consumers.

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Banking’s best ways to fight digital-age fraud

Lou Carlozo Sep 3, 2019

  Fraud has moved far beyond the days of passing bad checks and rigging ledger books, both in its volume and sophistication.

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Taking giant steps on the digital journey

Lou Carlozo Aug 27, 2019

Wouldn’t it be nice to program a bank’s digital journey into a computer? Aside from being impossible, the task of digital transformation becomes that much harder for those who run community and regional banks in competitive markets.

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When fintech takes on a greater purpose

Aug 20, 2019

Innovation in financial services sometimes overlooks the pressing needs of consumers who teeter on the edge of financial peril.

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Keeping up with consumer demands in the digital age

Lou Carlozo Aug 13, 2019

Thanks to mobile technology and easy ecommerce, consumers find themselves in a new position of power where they compare their banking experience to other aspects of their effortless, seamless world.

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BAI’s latest findings on bank culture and conduct

Lou Carlozo Aug 6, 2019

Pinning down the fine points of how banks can conduct themselves ethically–and establish best practices across the organization–has always been tricky.

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