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End-to-end fraud prevention

Mar 16, 2021 / Fraud Prevention
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NICE Actimize’s IFM-X is the next generation Integrated Fraud Management Platform. Learn how it uses advanced technologies to provide end-to-end holistic fraud prevention, from identity proofing that orchestrates and corroborates the disparate identity data, through product high-accuracy risk scores to enable smart account decisioning. Once an application has been approved, the identity and application data is seamlessly transferred into early monitoring using advanced analytics for behavioral and transaction monitoring, as well as cross-account intelligence.

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Combat the big business of synthetic identity fraud

Fraud activity is growing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the massive shift to digital channels, and the rapid advancement of digitalization. Application fraud is criminal abuse of an account at account opening and used to directly commit or indirectly support a criminal act. FSOs need an end-to-end, multi-layered defense strategy to enable accurate identity assessments, detect suspicious transaction behaviors, and execute dynamic fraud prevention.