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How banks can meet the moment on diversity, equity and inclusion

Jun 16, 2020 / DEI & ESG
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Diverse, equitable and inclusive workforces are significantly more productive and more profitable than workforces that aren’t. This is backed by a number of studies over the years. Financial services organizations have this valuable diversity in their lower ranks, but it peters out pretty quickly when you look higher up on the corporate ladder.

Diane Ashley, CEO of DTA Diversity Counts and former chief diversity officer at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, discusses the current diversity, equity and inclusion landscape within banks and credit unions, and what these organizations can do to address long-standing issues of race and inequality.

BAI is connecting Chief Diversity Officers and other senior-level across the industry with its BAI Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Executive Roundtable, facilitated by Diane Ashley, to openly discuss key issues and challenges, and share insights.  BAI is also enhancing its research and thought leadership to help leaders drive their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.  Click here to see BAI’s recent press release for more details.

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Terry Badger is the managing editor at BAI.