• Ed Lawler headshot
    Edmund Lawler Aug 17, 2017

    Why smart banks value slow money

    Cognizant study finds financial institutions can strengthen relationships by focusing on customers’ longer-term, ‘slow money’ concerns.

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  • Serving the underbanked with short term loans

    Ben Morales Aug 5, 2015

    Banks and credit unions can meet the needs of the underbanked and achieve significant community impact by offering short-term loans to this population.

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  • Flexibility is key in segmenting customer groups

    Dan Moultrie Jul 15, 2015

    To be successful at capturing varied customer groups, banks need detailed information about segment preferences and then must apply this data to product design and pricing.

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  • Delighting customers with pivotal events

    • Fergus Gordon
    • Robert Bustos-McNeil
    Jun 15, 2015

    By focusing on a subset of critical customer interactions, banks can boost revenues, improve efficiency and greatly improve the customer experience.

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  • Digital strategies for personalized customer experience

    M.A. Kishen Kumar Jun 10, 2015

    The use of customer information with digital technology can help financial institutions achieve true segment-of-one marketing.

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  • Big data meets improved customer experience in 2015

    Marc Borbas Jan 28, 2015

    2015 will be the year that banks finally merge the concepts of big data and improving the customer experience.

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  • Five Steps to Brand Power for Banks

    • Alok Gupta
    • Ellen Turner
    Dec 8, 2014

    Banks can build brand equity if they link brand attributes to customer needs.

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  • Making customer data work for the customer

    Bob Sullivan Dec 3, 2014

    Making use of customer transactional data won’t help bank marketers much until they can convince those customers that the use of this data benefits them.

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