• Patrick Sanders
    Patrick Sanders Jul 16, 2018

    Give the customers what they want: Less and more

    Customers want face-to-face help with vexing problems and to be left alone to tackle simple tasks. But oddly, some banks can’t tell the difference.

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  • Big data meets improved customer experience in 2015

    Marc Borbas Jan 28, 2015

    2015 will be the year that banks finally merge the concepts of big data and improving the customer experience.

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  • Five Steps to Brand Power for Banks

    • Alok Gupta
    • Ellen Turner
    Dec 8, 2014

    Banks can build brand equity if they link brand attributes to customer needs.

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  • Making customer data work for the customer

    Bob Sullivan Dec 3, 2014

    Making use of customer transactional data won’t help bank marketers much until they can convince those customers that the use of this data benefits them.

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  • Simple Segmentation for Improved Sales

    Guenther Hartfeil Nov 7, 2014

    Even simple segmentation approaches can yield substantial results if implemented with disciplined execution.

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  • Digitally Engaging the Mass Affluent

    Katie Kuehner-Hebert
    Katie Kuehner-Hebert Oct 1, 2014

    Engaging with digitally-savvy mass affluent customers requires that banks lead with digital tools, say BAI Retail Delivery 2014 panelists.

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  • Marketing to the Emerging Affluent

    Mark Vipond
    Mark Vipond May 21, 2014

    Marketing to the emerging affluent customer segment requires a holistic digital banking experience that captures relevant personal financial data.

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  • Strategic Matrix for Customer Acquisition and Retention

    Dan Geller Apr 8, 2014

    Financial institutions are faced with a strategic dilemma: how to manage the polarity of customer needs without alienating one group or the other.

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