• Ed Lawler headshot
    Edmund Lawler Aug 17, 2017

    Why smart banks value slow money

    Cognizant study finds financial institutions can strengthen relationships by focusing on customers’ longer-term, ‘slow money’ concerns.

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  • Understanding Customers with Segmentation Toolkits

    Katie Kuehner-Hebert
    Katie Kuehner-Hebert Nov 6, 2012

    Segmentation toolkits are a helpful aid to bank marketers in improving their outreach to the most desirable customer segments.

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  • Time to Overhaul Your Analytics Engine?

    • Jim Henschel
    • Chris Menzer
    Jul 24, 2012

    Customer behavior has changed in the Great Recession and customer analytics need to keep pace.

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  • The Segmentation Conundrum

    Lee E. Manfred Jun 11, 2012

    Retail banks face many challenges in their attempts to focus on high-profitability customers, including: what to do about the other 80%? Technology such as mobile and self-service can help.

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  • Youth-Oriented Marketing, Frankly Speaking

    Karen Epper Hoffman Nov 8, 2011

    Singapore’s OCBC Bank reaches out to Generation Y with a youth-oriented branch and marketing message.

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  • Delivering on the Segmentation Promise

    • Bill Long
    • Ron Garmon
    Jun 10, 2011

    Advances in analytics are finally bringing the promise of ‘know-the-customer’ segmentation to fruition.

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  • Retirement Is Key to Advising Affluent

    Teresa Epperson May 31, 2011

    In their drive to capture mass affluent assets, bank investment professionals should leverage ‘retirement’ as the primary theme.

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  • Extreme Makeover: Underbanked Branch Edition

    Karen Biddle Andres Dec 28, 2010

    Self-Help Federal Credit Union’s new Micro Branch shows the financial services industry how to serve the underbanked.

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