• Mehmet Sezgin
    Mehmet Sezgin Oct 25, 2018

    Make your credit card the consumer’s choice: payments, loyalty and the mobile app

    As millennials’ spending power grows and Gen Z waits in the wings, banks need to learn how these groups embrace high-tech—now.

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  • Making Faster Payments a Reality

    Karen Epper Hoffman Mar 4, 2014

    Real-time payments could be moving a step closer to reality under pressure from forces both inside and outside of the financial services industry, say BAI Payments Connect 2014 panelists.

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  • Mobile Banking for High-Value Transactions

    • Darren McGrath
    • Bob Olson
    • Rodney Sapp
    Feb 7, 2014

    For mobile banking adoption to take off for high-value transactions, critical issues of access and awareness need to be addressed.

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  • Business Process Transformation in Technology Projects

    Tom Caddoo Feb 5, 2014

    When financial institutions deploy major technology projects, they need to make sure that their business processes can accommodate the changes.

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  • Three is a Crowd in Service Fee Optimization

    Dan Geller Jul 24, 2013

    Financial institutions can optimize recurring fee revenues just by offering specific bundles consisting of no more than three services combined.

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  • Handling Global Banking at the Local Level

    • Brian Evetts
    • Rob Hewitt
    May 10, 2013

    Banks looking to expand their global offerings should carefully assess the new risks and the full scope of their customers’ needs to avoid unforeseen (and unpleasant) surprises.

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  • Getting Results from Process Improvement

    Kristin S. Kroeger Apr 29, 2013

    Successful process improvement programs require asking the right questions and engaging employees in the process.

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  • Best Practices for Mobile Remote Deposit Capture

    James Debello Jan 23, 2013

    Best practices for mobile remote deposit capture include integrating into existing mobile systems, prequalification of customers and social media-based marketing.

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