• Jamie Armistead
    Jamie Armistead Apr 2, 2020

    The next frontier of customer engagement

    The use of peer-to-peer payments is growing among older generations and for businesses.

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  • Payments power, channeled for customer engagement

    Chris Sibila
    Chris Sibila Jan 27, 2020

    The sell-versus-engage debate boils down to which must come first. Here’s why engagement needs to be your primary concern.

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  • Cut the back-office payments chaos in 2020

    Stephanie Foster and Dennis Wang Jan 15, 2020

    Financial institutions may accept six or more payment types, while customers need simpler, more-efficient payment solutions.

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  • The ABCs of APIs and payments

    Jeanne Pinder_resized
    Jeanne Pinder Jan 2, 2020

    While "application programming interface" doesn’t roll off the tongue, they are important to incorporate. Linking third-party system APIs will change payments forever.

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  • Picking the right path to payments platform modernization

    10.15 ANIL DAS
    Anil Das Oct 14, 2019

    To start down the road to success, embrace these five drivers and four approaches.

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  • Why your small business strategy needs to address checks

    Victoria Dougherty Mar 8, 2019

    In an era of mobile payments and online banking, checks—and the availability of funds—are still the lifeblood of small businesses.

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  • Make your credit card the consumer’s choice: payments, loyalty and the mobile app

    Mehmet Sezgin
    Mehmet Sezgin Oct 25, 2018

    As millennials’ spending power grows and Gen Z waits in the wings, banks need to learn how these groups embrace high-tech—now.

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  • For faster payments, a rapid state of change

    George Warfel
    George Warfel Jul 31, 2018

    One year after a federal task force completed its groundbreaking work, here’s where faster payments stand in the U.S.

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