• TJ Sharkey
    TJ Sharkey Feb 3, 2020

    A look forward for payments and acquiring banks

    Continuing advances in payments, from privacy to analytics, create opportunities to provide value-added solutions.

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  • With emerging payments, emerging security concerns and consciousness

    Howard Altman_resized
    Howard Altman Sep 28, 2017

    Besides convenience, mobile payments offer gateways for hackers to grab valuable info. David Lott of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta shares how banks and consumers can mitigate these risks.

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  • Merchant attrition to merchant addition: Analytics as a payments catalyst

    Rajesh Kamath
    Rajesh Kamath Sep 5, 2017

    Technology has so far delivered disappointing results. But analytics could help solve the attrition problem and more.

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  • From mobile first to mobile best

    Rachna Ahlawat
    Rachna Ahlawat Jul 26, 2017

    Mobile’s rise to the top banking channel is a given. Even so, banks can expand app menus and give customers more financial control.

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  • The ATM turns 50—and hits a digital crossroads

    Karen Epper Hoffman Jul 24, 2017

    The ’60s innovation remains a retail banking staple—but a spotty marketing tool. Can the ATM mature into more than a cash dispensary?

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  • Podcast: Where payments meet people

    BAI Managing Editor Lou Carlozo
    Lou Carlozo May 19, 2017

    How do digital-social ecosystems allow financial services organizations to serve consumers where they already live, work and play? We discuss this and more with payments expert Patricia Hewitt.

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  • An account of the unbanked: From mobile payments to more financial inclusion

    Harold Montgomery_resized
    Harold Montgomery May 1, 2017

    The world’s unbanked number in the billions, but the potential bank revenue? Hundreds of billions.

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  • Getting better all the time: It’s the ATM’s golden anniversary

    Ed Obrien
    Ed O'Brien Apr 11, 2017

    After 50 years, the automatic teller machine continues to prove its worth and give customers their money’s worth—even as it changes with the times.

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