• Harold Montgomery_resized
    Harold Montgomery May 1, 2017

    An account of the unbanked: From mobile payments to more financial inclusion

    The world’s unbanked number in the billions, but the potential bank revenue? Hundreds of billions.

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  • Get Ready for Facebook Banking

    Chris Skinner1_resized
    Chris Skinner Aug 6, 2012

    Facebook credits may be passé but Facebook banking looks like it’s here to stay.

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  • Trial-and-Error Works for Mobile

    Clint Swift Jul 18, 2012

    With the outlines of digital payments still so uncertain, savvy organizations are making many experiments to keep moving forward.

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  • Barclays Pingit Galvanizes P2P

    Chris Skinner1_resized
    Chris Skinner Jun 8, 2012

    The Barclays Pingit P2P app works well for both consumers and corporate customers, suggesting that a new stage in mobile payments has arrived.

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  • Are U.S. retailers ready for EMV?

    John Rozek Mar 6, 2012

    Given increasing fraud threats, U.S. retailers need to begin now to transition to EMV chip-and-PIN card acceptance.

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  • Protection through Collaboration in Mobile Payments

    ken Cline_resized
    Kenneth Cline Feb 13, 2012

    BITS executive John Carlson says the financial services industry must collaborate closely with outside constituencies to mitigate fraud and security issues in mobile payments.

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  • Going Slow in Mobile is Going Prudently

    Mike Charles Feb 8, 2012

    By proceeding cautiously in mobile banking, banks are following the same prudent course they pursued with remote deposit capture.

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  • P2P Payments: The Bank Imperative

    Elizabeth Whalen Feb 6, 2012

    Panelists at the upcoming BAI Payments Connect say the fragmented P2P market needs to evolve to a bank-centric model.

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