• Todd Albers_resized
    Todd Albers Nov 28, 2016

    Where does the U.S. stand with e-invoicing?

    The world’s nations look up to America for financial leadership. But in the realm of e-invoicing, it’s a different story.

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  • Making Faster Payments a Reality

    Karen Epper Hoffman Mar 4, 2014

    Real-time payments could be moving a step closer to reality under pressure from forces both inside and outside of the financial services industry, say BAI Payments Connect 2014 panelists.

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  • Finding Hidden Costs in Transactions

    Bijan Sanii Feb 26, 2014

    To manage zero revenue transactions, banks need to do a better job of reducing the operational costs of those transactions.

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  • Mobile Banking for High-Value Transactions

    • Darren McGrath
    • Bob Olson
    • Rodney Sapp
    Feb 7, 2014

    For mobile banking adoption to take off for high-value transactions, critical issues of access and awareness need to be addressed.

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  • Business Process Transformation in Technology Projects

    Tom Caddoo Feb 5, 2014

    When financial institutions deploy major technology projects, they need to make sure that their business processes can accommodate the changes.

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  • Real-Time Payments a Friend to Banks

    Chris Burfield Oct 9, 2013

    Financial institutions can use real-time payments to solidify customer relationships and ward off competitive threats from nonbanks.

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  • Visualizing Payments Data for Customer Analytics

    Lee Wetherington Apr 11, 2012

    New data visualization technology is enabling banks to capitalize on payments data that has historically been hidden away in databases and spreadsheets.

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  • The Margin Improvement of Same-Day ACH

    Louis Blatt Feb 1, 2012

    Moving to same-day ACH in the U.S. will cost banks on the front end but will lead to margin improvement over the long term.

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