• Rachna Ahlawat
    Rachna Ahlawat Jul 26, 2017

    From mobile first to mobile best

    Mobile’s rise to the top banking channel is a given. Even so, banks can expand app menus and give customers more financial control.

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  • Visualizing Payments Data for Customer Analytics

    Lee Wetherington Apr 11, 2012

    New data visualization technology is enabling banks to capitalize on payments data that has historically been hidden away in databases and spreadsheets.

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  • The Margin Improvement of Same-Day ACH

    Louis Blatt Feb 1, 2012

    Moving to same-day ACH in the U.S. will cost banks on the front end but will lead to margin improvement over the long term.

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  • Payments Hubs to Maximize Payments Revenue

    Louis Blatt Jul 20, 2011

    Integrating new credit card systems into a payments hub provides a more agile and holistic payments processing capability.

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  • Crossing Borders with ACH

    Jonathan Eber Feb 9, 2011

    The ACH network is poised to make major contributions to cross-border money transfers if formats can be standardized and fraud concerns ameliorated.

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  • More Durbin Fallout: Transaction Routing

    Rodman K. Reef Jan 31, 2011

    The implementation of the Durbin Amendment should spur greater urgency for upgrading the routing process for debit card transactions.

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