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Podcast: How spirit and innovation make one bank so beloved

Mar 20, 2018 / Marketing & Sales / Technology
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Before winning Most Innovative Finserv of the Year at the 2018 BAI Global Innovation Awards, USAA chief innovation officer Zachary Gipson sat down with BAI to shed some light around the organization’s innovation philosophy and how it built a culture that promotes success.

For all its focus on metrics and earnings reports, the banking world too often overlooks a non-numerical variable: standout culture. Yet that softer side of the equation, when in balance, produces numbers that are tough to beat. USAA boasts the industry’s highest Net Promoter Score, reflecting how much their customers praise them.

And Zachary Gipson, USAA‘s chief innovation officer, says without reservation, “We love our members.” Gipson takes us behind the scenes of USAA’s innovation and culture success story.

From the podcast:

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