• Dave Kerstein_resized
    David Kerstein May 31, 2019

    Five smart ways to bridge the physical-digital divide

    Banks stand at the crossroads of digital services and consumer expectations. Use these five initiatives as a roadmap to move forward.

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  • Why banks overpay for real estate

    Richard Pilla Oct 6, 2015

    Banks need to take a more professional approach when managing their branch networks in order to avoid overpaying when purchasing or leasing real estate.

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  • Four steps to getting branch transformation right

    Dave Kerstein_resized
    David Kerstein Sep 25, 2015

    As customers migrate to digital channels, bankers need to aggressively re-configure their branch networks in terms of the number and mix of facilities, the staffing provided and the role of the contact center.

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  • Reimagining rather than closing branches

    Roy Karon Sep 14, 2015

    Rather than cutting branches across the board to reduce expenses, community banks should reconfigure them with new staffing models.

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  • Five tactics for keeping branches relevant

    Meredith Deen1
    Meredith Deen Sep 4, 2015

    Branches can remain relevant, even in a digital era, if banks turn them into centers for higher value interaction with customers.

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  • Transforming the branch for sales and lower cost

    W. Michael Scott Jul 17, 2015

    In the face of a steady downward trend in customer transactions, banks should transform their branches into sales-centric outlets and streamline staffing through more efficient scheduling.

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  • The omnichannel failure

    Chris Skinner1_resized
    Chris Skinner Jun 20, 2015

    Using the term ‘omnichannel’ simply highlights the fact that most banks have failed to become digital at their core.

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  • Strategically realigning digital and branches

    • Chris Musto
    • Paul Kadin
    Jun 19, 2015

    Bankers are challenged to a strategic reorientation as digital becomes a stronger driver of core banking relationships and the branch is recast in a more specialized role.

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