Karen Epper Hoffman Sep 13, 2017

    For consumers, piqued interest on rising deposit rates

    Gone are the days when banks could count on depositors seeking shelter from the recession. With rising rates, how can banks rise to the occasion?

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  • Why Community Banks Need a Product Advantage

    Sean C. Payant Feb 28, 2011

    Trying to follow the lead of big banks by adding fees will throw away one of the few remaining advantages possessed by community banks – simple products and services.

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  • Protecting DDA Profitability

    Robert C. Giltner
    Robert C. Giltner Feb 23, 2011

    Dealing with all the threats to checking account profitability requires new product and pricing strategies.

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  • Consumer Credit on the Upswing?

    ken Cline_resized
    Kenneth Cline Nov 30, 2010

    TransUnion analyst Chet Wiermanski says consumer credit situation improving – but watch those caveats.

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  • The Case for Building Customer Lifetime Value

    Sherief Meleis Sep 30, 2010

    At a time when banks want to serve each customer as fully as possible, most don’t yet have a good grasp on priority household financial needs and the value of meeting them.

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  • Reverse Elasticity Drives Up Deposit Balances

    Dan Geller Sep 1, 2010

    As consumers fret about the future and seek safety for their funds, banks are actually seeing deposit balances increase even when they lower their interest rates.

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  • Re-thinking Credit Treatment Strategies

    Lynne Labrador Jul 16, 2010

    To avoid damaging good customer relationships because of credit issues, financial institutions need to take a more proactive approach to handling delinquencies.

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  • Reading, Writing and … Financial Literacy

    Susan C. Keating May 5, 2010

    To help consumers avoid a repeat of the recent financial crisis, banks need to do more to help improve financial literacy.

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