• BAI Managing Editor Lou Carlozo
    Lou Carlozo Jun 12, 2018

    Podcast: Retail banking's summer of challenges and changes

    Betty Cowell, senior advisor at Simon-Kucher & Partners, shares what banks large and small can expect on the retail front in the second half of 2018.

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  • Reality Check on Service Fees

    Dan Geller May 2, 2012

    When deciding whether to impose service fees, banks need to consider consumer preferences as well as the competitive landscape.

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  • Certificates of Deposits Out of Favor

    Dan Geller Mar 21, 2012

    Consumers fled most types of CDs in the wake of the financial crisis and are unlikely to favor them again until the economy returns to a more ‘normal’ state.

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  • The Case for Regional Deposit Pricing

    Dan Geller Feb 13, 2012

    Institutions that are not practicing regional pricing are very likely mispricing their deposits, even in a low-rate environment.

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  • Time Deposits: Profitable or Not?

    Neil Stanley_resized
    Neil Stanley Jan 11, 2012

    A consistent measurement methodology helps bankers manage the profitability of their CD funding.

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  • Coping with the Deposit Surplus

    Katie Kuehner-Hebert
    Katie Kuehner-Hebert Jan 3, 2012

    While banks have more deposits than they can profitably lend out, many continue to focus on the relationships behind the unneeded cash.

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  • Overlooked Opportunity in Time Deposits

    Neil Stanley_resized
    Neil Stanley Dec 5, 2011

    While bankers may be tempted to downplay CD funding in today’s low-rate environment, the need to fund term loans profitably requires renewed attention to this essential product.

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  • Regaining Lost Fee Revenues via Deposit Rates

    Dan Geller Nov 7, 2011

    Financial institutions can recover their lost debit card fees by refining their deposit pricing to reduce interest expense.

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