Karen Epper Hoffman Sep 13, 2017

    For consumers, piqued interest on rising deposit rates

    Gone are the days when banks could count on depositors seeking shelter from the recession. With rising rates, how can banks rise to the occasion?

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  • No-Overdraft Fee Accounts, No Overdraft Problem

    Robert C. Giltner
    Robert C. Giltner Oct 7, 2014

    To meet regulatory objectives of offering overdraft protection only to consumers who need it while still growing revenues, banks should consider a new category of no-overdraft fee accounts.

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  • Tracking Trends in Deposit Pricing

    Dan Geller Aug 27, 2014

    To avoid getting caught by unpleasant surprises, pricing executives need to track deposit trends across several dimensions.

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  • Cultural Change for Universal Bankers

    • Les Riedl
    • Stefanie Cutillo
    Aug 8, 2014

    Managers trying to implement universal banker programs need to understand that success depends on cultural change as well as new software.

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  • The Questionable Effects of Promotional Deposit Rates

    Dan Geller Jul 1, 2014

    Promotional rates on deposits, or ‘specials,’ usually fail to attract new balances or shift money to longer-term accounts in the current rate environment.

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  • If Deposit Balances Could Talk

    Dan Geller Jun 10, 2014

    While term deposits haven’t grown much in the past 10 years, they are looking forward to the day when long-term commitment is once again meaningful and rewarding.

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  • The Pricing Paradox of Term Deposits

    Dan Geller May 5, 2014

    Offering a greater relative increase on your deposit rates than the competition can attract more deposits at a lower cost of funds than if you offer the absolute highest rate.

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  • Ten Likely Scenarios for Rising Deposit Rates

    Dan Geller Feb 11, 2014

    Once deposit rates start rising this year, the banking industry will incur relatively high interest expense due to the inelasticity of consumer deposits in a rising-rate environment.

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