• Dustin Allen
    Dustin Allen Apr 1, 2020

    Immediate steps to tackle deposit mispricing

    Winding down specials will reduce interest rate risk, while a shorter liability profile can protect net margin.

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  • Direct banks, deposit growth and market domination

    Karl Dahlgren
    Karl Dahlgren Nov 11, 2019

    New BAI Banking Outlook research shows why direct banks are winning the deposit battle and what consumers want.

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  • As rates drop, four deposit-growth strategies

    John F. Wasik
    John F. Wasik Nov 7, 2019

    With the Federal Reserve making multiple interest-rate cuts this year, crafting a deposit-growth strategy these days can feel like standing on a teeter-totter.

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  • Video: How to transform your bank to take back leaking deposits

    Drew Sievers
    Drew Sievers Nov 1, 2019

    Combat deposit loss by winning the digital transformation game. Here are some tips on best path forward.

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  • Read the vital signs: What the healthcare industry can teach banks about customer service

    Joe Salesky_resized
    Joe Salesky Oct 31, 2019

    When you neglect relationships, customer satisfaction can flatline. Think of this three-step list as your own personal checkup.

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  • Expanding the mined: Beyond gathering data for data’s sake

    Lauri Giesen
    Lauri Giesen Oct 30, 2019

    Gathering and assembling the right data presents a challenge in itself. But first comes the call to set a strategy for applying it.

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  • Podcast: Direct insights on direct banks

    BAI Oct 29, 2019

    Who is using direct banks and why? How do their customers define convenience? BAI’s Jason Mencias and Mark Riddle share insights from the latest BAI Banking Outlook report on this week’s podcast.

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  • Video: The state of digital transformation in banking today

    Holly Hughes_resized2
    Holly Hughes Oct 28, 2019

    What are the key issues surrounding digital transformation? How can financial services leaders converge technology with customer experience? Watch the discussion between BAI's Holly Hughes, FinTech Forge’s Jason Henrichs and Amount’s Kevin Lewis.

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