• Rick Gonzalez
    Rick Gonzalez Dec 23, 2019

    The freelance market is growing. Grow with it.

    Shed your preconceptions about the gig economy, one of the fastest growing segments of our national workforce -- and a significant potential source of new deposits.

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  • Making small business loans profitably

    Jul 7, 2015

    In order to originate small business loans profitably, banks need to increase cross sales, improve internal systems and/or partner with alternative lenders.

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  • Solving the small business dilemma

    • Mary Beth Sullivan
    • Rolland Johannsen
    Mar 27, 2015

    Serving small businesses effectively requires business practices, organizational constructs, and value propositions targeted to this particular market segment.

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  • Strategy First for Small Business Lending

    Paul Schaus Dec 15, 2014

    Small business lending requires a strategy that enables you to clearly define and measure success.

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  • Asking the Right Questions in Small Business Banking

    • Paul Schaus
    • Litz Van Dyke
    Aug 4, 2014

    Banks that want to participate in small business lending should understand how asset-based lending differs from uncollateralized consumer lending.

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  • Designing Products that Small Businesses Really Need

    Elizabeth Whalen Jun 3, 2014

    Banks that have been innovative in designing new products for small businesses say they first ascertain the real needs of those customers.

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  • Singles, Not Home Runs, for Small Business Success

    Charles Wendel_resized
    Charles B. Wendel May 16, 2014

    While there is no “secret sauce” to success in banking small business, focusing on several discrete activities and getting them right will move you in that direction.

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  • Why Banks Still Don’t Like Small Businesses

    Charles Wendel_resized
    Charles B. Wendel Apr 18, 2014

    Banks that truly want to ‘walk the walk’ in small business banking need to do the analytical and structural work crucial for success.

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