BAI Banking Strategies

Guidelines for Contributing Writers

BAI Banking Strategies is a unique publication that provides relevant content, unbiased perspectives and actionable insights to help financial services leaders think differently, drive positive change and explore new approaches to the industry’s toughest challenges. As part of our editorial strategy, we seek high-quality articles from contributing writers.

Here are some guidelines and procedures for contributing to BAI Banking Strategies:

ContentBAI Banking Strategies accepts article submissions on topics of current interest, with the goal of providing actionable insights for financial services leaders. We encourage contributing writers to take a strong stance on issues and make their arguments well-substantiated. We require high levels of objectivity and expertise. We do not accept articles that promote specific products, services or engagements.

Contributions must be exclusive to our publication; we do not republish articles that have appeared elsewhere. However, it is acceptable to utilize previously published research, as long as the submission is tailored specifically for BAI Banking Strategies and is clearly distinguishable from the previous work.

Submissions – Prospective contributors should send a detailed abstract or synopsis that includes the main focus of the proposed article, along with a summary of the supporting analysis, information and research.

We look for four key elements in any BAI Banking Strategies article: 1) clear statement of the issue or problem, 2) substantiated discussion of what is at stake, i.e., “why should financial services leaders care about this?”, 3) clear stance on what should be done to correct the problem, and 4) discussion of the strategic, managerial and financial implications of the actions/changes the contributing writer advocates.

We prefer articles with a focused, narrow theme in which the writer goes deeper into the subject, rather than a broad, generalized discussion that stays close to the surface.

Length – Submissions should be 750-850 words in length, and accompanied by a byline, a brief author bio and a high-resolution headshot.

Editing – BAI reserves the right to return the submission to the contributing writer for clarification and/or corrections. The Editor will notify the contributing writer when the article is scheduled for publication. BAI also reserves the right to decline publication.

Compensation – Contributing writers are not compensated financially. Through inclusion in BAI Banking Strategies, contributing writers receive broad exposure to financial services leaders who rely on BAI to provide trusted, unbiased information that helps drive positive change and move the industry forward. BAI will hold the copyright for all published articles and will archive the content as searchable online information accessible on Contributors should feel free to their articles from their websites.


Rachel Koning Beals, BAI Senior Editor, [email protected]