• George Warfel
    George Warfel Oct 22, 2018

    How to strengthen strategic planning in the fintech age

    The sad truth is that most banks fail to look ahead when it comes to high-tech forecasting. Here’s how to regain a competitive advantage.

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  • Strategic vendor management now a necessity

    Terence Roche_resized
    Terence Roche Apr 5, 2016

    Banks face a competitive disadvantage if non-traditional innovators develop technology that creates a better customer experience that can’t be matched by their current vendors.

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  • Reducing bank courier expenses

    Shawn McCarthy Feb 17, 2016

    With the replacement of paper checks by electronic check processing, banks can now reduce the cost of courier services and regional processing centers.

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  • Improving document management in financial services

    Greg Council Oct 20, 2015

    To improve their document management processes, banks need to do the upfront classification and description work while leveraging the automation systems now available.

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  • Improving efficiency to enable future growth

    • Les Riedl
    • Fred Weling
    Jun 8, 2015

    By increasing its efficiency, a bank can both facilitate the implementation of new technologies and fund the investments required.

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  • Intelligent process automation for operations

    Prasad Chintamaneni Jun 3, 2015

    Intelligent process automation can help banks drive operational process improvements in wealth management, investment banking and mortgage origination.

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  • Keys to a Successful Client-Vendor Relationship

    David Basri
    David Basri Jun 17, 2014

    Managing a successful client-vendor relationship requires give-and-take on both sides.

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  • Making Acquisitions Work (for the Buyer)

    Charles Wendel_resized
    Charles B. Wendel Dec 3, 2013

    Too many banks these days, in an urge to grow, overlook the basic analytical procedures required when acquiring another institution.

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