• Render Dahiya
    Render Dahiya Apr 10, 2017

    Outreach the breach: Three strategies card issuers can’t ignore in confronting data compromise

    Lower costs, higher flexibility and timely reissuance make for a smart plan in the face of identity theft and more.

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  • Self-Funding Your Way to Improved Efficiency

    Scott Sommer Feb 1, 2013

    As regulatory and business costs continue to mount, banks would be well advised to hire at least one individual whose sole focus is to tackle process and efficiency opportunities.

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  • Managing the Back Office via Desktop Capture

    Steve Williams
    Steve Williams Dec 26, 2012

    Desktop analytical tools can help back office operations managers coordinate and improve the performance of their employees.

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  • Paperless Banking Gains Ground

    Lauri Giesen
    Lauri Giesen Sep 12, 2012

    Environmental benefits or not, converting paper into electronic documents is bringing gains in both efficiency and customer service.

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  • The Painful Price of Portal Proliferation

    Travis Weaver Mar 20, 2012

    As banks grow larger, Internet portals proliferate: how to prune the redundancies to save money and reduce risk.

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  • Managing Vendor Management

    Terence Roche_resized
    Terence Roche Nov 1, 2011

    Amid the growing complexity of vendor management issues, banks need to take a qualitative approach to making sure the vendor is meeting their needs.

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  • Five Considerations for Cloud Banking

    James Whitemore Oct 19, 2011

    As financial institutions debate whether they need to move their computing functions to “the cloud,” five considerations should influence their decision.

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  • Preparing for the worst

    Karen Epper Hoffman Mar 1, 2010

    Banks located in earthquake-prone zones stress the importance of a multi-pronged disaster recovery plan that is continually updated and communicated throughout the organization.

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