• Terry Badger
    Terry Badger Mar 31, 2020

    ECM as a powerful workflow tool for financial institutions

    Spare rooms, couches and dining room tables are now office space for millions of Americans working from home due to COVID-19. But a dispersed labor force still needs access to data and documents, as well as powerful workflow tools to integrate individual efforts across the organization. Fiserv’s Josh Spisak discusses how enterprise content management can be one of those centralizing tools on this week’s podcast.

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  • Fintech friendship: How banks can make peace and profits with financial technology companies

    Rui Nunes
    Rui Nunes Jul 2, 2019

    Tech has changed how consumers act and what they expect. Banks can learn from the digital giants that already delight them.

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  • The ins and outs of winning at innovation

    BAI Managing Editor Lou Carlozo
    Lou Carlozo Jul 1, 2019

    BAI Global Innovation Awards judge Amy Radin shares proven innovation strategies from her new book, "The Change Maker's Playbook."

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  • Ten robotic process automation strategies for retail bank success

    Scott Gregory
    Scott Gregory Jun 20, 2019

    Robotic process automation isn’t always easy to adopt. But done right, it means more competitive clout than ever before.

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  • No small talk: Why conversational AI is propelling bank channels

    Dror Oren
    Dror Oren Jun 12, 2019

    Customers who seek better experiences will find them at institutions that turn virtual assistants into real problem solvers.

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  • Five ways to fight cybercrime and secure customer trust

    Rachael Schwartz
    Rachael Schwartz Jun 6, 2019

    Improved IT policies can head off breaches and protect your institution from widespread harm. Here’s how.

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  • No more drowning in the data lake: Framing the journey to support your business needs

    Scott Gregory
    Scott Gregory May 6, 2019

    Smart data collection and usage breaks down to four distinct phases that will build your organization up.

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  • Why marketing must work hand-in-glove with IT

    Holly Hughes_resized2
    Holly Hughes May 1, 2019

    As the martech stack grows, so must the collaboration between marketing and IT leaders.

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