• Ed Lawler headshot
    Edmund Lawler Sep 18, 2017

    The super-regional sweet spot: Where touch meets tech

    Opportunities for these banks abound, and the playbook embraces elements from FinTech teamwork to solid customer engagement.

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  • Making the best of core conversions

    Stacey Zengel_resized
    Stacey Zengel Jul 20, 2016

    Changing bank core systems can be a daunting challenge but careful planning and preparation can minimize the difficulties.

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  • Responsive design for digital banking

    Mark Ryan - resized
    Mark Ryan Jun 28, 2016

    To deliver the high caliber digital banking experiences that customers expect, financial institutions need to make their websites easily viewable on any device.

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  • Three ways to improve customer feedback collection

    Tobias Bessone_resized
    Tobias Bessone Jun 22, 2016

    The gathering and utilization of customer feedback can be enhanced by technologies such as robots, artificial intelligence and facial recognition.

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  • Enforcing technology strategy by the CEO

    Scott Hodgins_resized
    Scott Hodgins Jun 17, 2016

    Once technology policy is designed and implemented, bank CEOs need to mount their bully pulpit and make sure employees get with the program.

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  • Digital newcomers push traditional banks to improve

    Sonny Singh_resized
    Sonny Singh Jun 13, 2016

    The race between traditional banks and their FinTech challengers ultimately pushes both sides to improve service to the consumer.

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  • FinTech property rights and banks

    Michael Nicastro_resized
    Michael Nicastro May 31, 2016

    With all the consolidation in FinTech over the last few decades, intellectual property rights in technology are likely to become a more important – and troublesome – issue for banks.

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  • Six ways to capitalize on the internet of things

    Dmitry Kuchynski_resized
    Dmitry Kuchynski May 10, 2016

    The Internet of Things presents many opportunities for financial institutions, but only if approached with an eye on the security implications.

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