• Robb_250x250
    Robb Gaynor Oct 15, 2018

    The new era of managing digital relationship engagement

    Despite big-bank clout, community banks and credit unions can leap frog ahead through digital employee engagement.

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  • Ahead in the cloud: How managed services help small banks deliver big time

    Jeff Kaplan_resized
    Jeff Kaplan Dec 1, 2016

    Public cloud advantages have come to managed private cloud environments, which amounts to a win for small to mid-sized financial institutions.

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  • Hossein Rahnama’s Flybits is no FinTech fly-by-night

    CAITLIN KELLY_resized
    Caitlin Kelly Nov 23, 2016

    Millions of Canadian consumers use the technology to maximize their mobile banking experience—and the banks win, too.

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  • The FinTech honeymoon is over: Now what?

    René Lacerte Nov 21, 2016

    Young FinTechs face a harsh new reality. After years of growth fueled by venture capital, market dynamics have produced three imperatives.

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  • Thinking about the Internet of Things

    Karen Epper Hoffman Nov 14, 2016

    For more than a decade, bankers have mulled the potential of interconnected devices. But where new tech leads, hacking and compliance concerns follow.

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  • A not-so-impossible tusk: Taking five bites out of the FinTech elephant

    Patricia Hewitt_resize
    Patricia Hewitt Nov 10, 2016

    Institutions with less—whether it’s control over their tech or smaller marketing budgets—can still do more with FinTech if they strategize.

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  • Four top tips for finding a tip-top FinTech partner

    Evan Singer_resized
    Evan Singer Nov 8, 2016

    Like banks, FinTechs don’t come alike. But addressing compliance, risk and transparency first can mean synergy now and success later.

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  • Homebuyers, fast flyers: Welcome to the age of high-tech, high-speed mortgages

    Jeanne Pinder_resized
    Jeanne Pinder Nov 3, 2016

    Is it possible that the reams of paperwork and endless fax machine trips will end someday? It’s already happening, with FinTech startups helping lead the way.

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