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The mutual benefits of bank-fintech partnerships

Aug 10, 2021 / Consumer Banking / Technology
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There was a time when banks tended to give fintechs the side-eye. These days, banks are taking another look as they consider fintechs as a potential business partner.

Randy Rivera, an ex-banker who’s now on the fintech side, shares his thoughts on the benefits and challenges of a bank-fintech partnership.

A few takeaways from our conversation with Randy Rivera from FinTEx:

  • Whether it’s a huge money-center bank or a tiny-footprint credit union,  there’s a growing realization that they can benefit from more collaboration with fintechs.
  • More bankers are crossing over to work at fintechs, bringing with them inside knowledge of banking operations and valuable personal relationships that can help with dealmaking.
  • Challenges exist on the compliance side, including concerns about adopting “unproven” technology.
  • Banks and fintechs working together to engage the regulatory side may help create clearer pathways to innovation.

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