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U.S. banks are playing catch-up on digital technology

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Where’s the leading edge of design and technology in banking, and how is it changing the industry?

Jean-Pierre Lacroix, president of the branding and design firm SLD, tells us what North American banks can learn from overseas financial institutions about the latest tech and how they can put those insights to work.

A few takeaways from the conversation:

    • Integrating design and technology into the customer experience can have a big impact in retail branches, where the emphasis is shifting toward financial advice.
    • Lacroix’s bellwether for the future of banking is China, which is ahead on digital wallet adoption and friction-reducing technology.
    • Looking ahead, he sees increased adoption of biometrics, which offer the advantage of touchless technology, and AI to help banks with both security and personalization.

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Terry Badger is the managing editor at BAI.