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Tracking Loan Documentation Exceptions

Federal bank and credit union examiners insist that a reliable system for tracking exceptions needs to be part of any loan portfolio management process. And tracking deviations from the loan policy and underwriting standards is certainly crucial. But often, it’s analyzing and controlling exceptions related to documentation that can alert a financial institution when a loan deviates Read More

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Channel or device? The debate goes on

It has become a commonplace to say that the traditional banking and payments industries need to be customer centric if they’re going to survive, much less thrive. Now, the customer-first concept seems to extend to the old debate about channels vs. devices. Some practitioners in our industry seem increasingly to define “channel” in terms of customer experience Read More

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The Early Warning Radar of Loan Review

The causes of the recent financial crisis are well known – the tremendous expansion of subprime mortgages and their proliferation through the international financial system via securitization, for example. Yet, when one considers the number of bank defaults since 2008, the question presents itself: couldn’t these institutions have reduced their chance of failure by using a well-developed Read More

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Connecting to Payments Change

For many years, the payments business has been an important priority for financial services companies because of the impact of payments on product and customer delivery strategies and the associated robust revenue streams. The financial results of the payments business were especially important when other lines of business were experiencing intense profitability pressures – payments really made Read More

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Disciplined Process for Innovation

Innovation requires focus and a disciplined process. That’s the message from the winners of the 2012 BAI-Finacle Global Banking Innovation Awards, which were awarded at BAI Retail Delivery 2012 on October 9 in Washington, D.C. Each of the institutions that won in the four categories consciously focused on innovation as a way to differentiate themselves from competitors Read More

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Breaking New Ground with Innovation

For the eight finalists of the 2012 BAI-Finacle Global Banking Innovation Awards, innovation means breaking outside of banking’s traditional product, services and channel categories and sometimes even pioneering game-changing or “disruptive” technologies. Below are short profiles of the finalists. The final winners, as determined by a distinguished panel of judges will be announced October 9 at BAI Read More

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Innovating for Customers

Making life easier for customers – that’s the key principle underlining the innovative products and services that emerged as winners in the 2011 BAI-Finacle Global Banking Innovation Awards. Spain-based “la Caixa,” Australia’s UBank, New Zealand-based ASB Bank and Citibank U.S. all introduced innovations that improved convenience and ease-of-use for customers. “la Caixa” won the Most Innovative Bank Read More

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Judgment on Innovation

Bankers in any one country may be excused for thinking the challenges they face are unique but the fact is that retail financial institutions across the globe are struggling with common problems in the wake of the recent financial crisis – such as restoring the trust of customers. Innovation in developing products and services better targeted to Read More

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Banking’s Innovation Imperative

If the crisis of 2008-2009 exposed woeful lapses in the banking industry’s risk management practices, the years since have also revealed a strong need for innovation. Squeezed between declining revenues and excessive overhead, banks around the world are struggling to shrink their way back to profitability – not an encouraging prospect for customers, employees or shareholders alike. Read More

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‘Why Us?’ Marketers Need to Explain

What’s on the minds of top bank marketing executives these days? Get ready for a long list, according to Nick Papachristou, executive vice president and director of corporate marketing for Green Bay, Wisc.-based Associated Banc-Corp and Eric Steinhouse, executive vice president and marketing director for Commerce Bancshares Inc. in St. Louis, Missouri. Long gone are the days Read More

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