Relationships Built on Trust

First, the facts. In the June 2012 BAI Demand Pulse, we asked financial institutions which phrase best described their business culture: 1) customer service professionals, 2) focused product and service retailers, 3) generalized provider, 4) traditional and reliable bankers and 5) relationship focused. The number one response was “relationship focused; 41% picked that answer followed by “customer Read More

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How to Generate Loan Growth

First quarter numbers are in and loan demand is still dragging, which is bad news for banks. How do they plan to improve in today’s slow-growth economy? Asset growth and credit quality are the top priorities for banks and credit unions of all sizes, according to the March 2012 BAI Demand Pulse survey. And no wonder: most Read More

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Segmentation Comes of Age

Financial institutions have been using customer data for segmentation purposes for many years in order to target customers for more efficient marketing. What they may not realize is that those segmentation strategies established prior to 2008 may no longer be as valid in the wake of the financial crisis and migration to more digital forms of banking. Read More

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Framework for Branch Reductions

Given the ongoing challenge of near-term revenue growth, many financial institutions struggle with deciding what steps need to be taken to ensure long-term survival and prosperity. BAI’s director of research, Mark Riddle, has indicated that his organization’s research points to expense control as the key. And two of the main areas that financial institutions are focusing on Read More

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Thinking Globally about Innovation

It wasn’t too many years ago that banking could be considered a local industry, particularly in the U.S. It wasn’t until the 1990s that the advent of interstate banking created first regional and then national financial institutions. Today, banking is clearly a global industry – as the current financial crisis constantly reminds us – with major institutions Read More

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Confronting the Revenue Growth Challenge

Revenue generation in traditional banking comes from the interest rate spread on taking deposits and making loans while collecting fees in the process. With the economy now treading water (or worse), loan growth is hard to find and banks are investing their deposits in low-yielding bonds. Meanwhile, recent regulations have greatly reduced overdraft fees and debit card Read More

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5 Steps for Improving the Customer Experience

Based on the insights captured in our recent Ideal Banking and Small Business Banking studies, there is still a significant room for improvement in crucial customer experience categories. Many organizations continue to focus their efforts more on products and less on customer relationships as a way to recoup lost fees from recent regulatory reform. While adding new Read More

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