Time Deposits: Profitable or Not?

Today, your bank is issuing time deposits at rates significantly below what they were just a few years ago and renewing CDs at a lesser rate than they were just last term. So, what’s the goal? Should bankers be pleased when they find that CDs renewed at 20 basis points below last term’s rate? Does it matter Read More

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Winning Sales in the Branches

What to do with the branch in an era of declining revenues is one of the top strategic problems facing retail bankers as they look to 2012 and beyond. With fee income expected to be down 30% or more next year due to recent regulatory restrictions, banks are under pressure to make their branch networks more productive. Read More

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Framework for Branch Reductions

Given the ongoing challenge of near-term revenue growth, many financial institutions struggle with deciding what steps need to be taken to ensure long-term survival and prosperity. BAI’s director of research, Mark Riddle, has indicated that his organization’s research points to expense control as the key. And two of the main areas that financial institutions are focusing on Read More

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Solving the Puzzle of Small Business Banking

Bankers have long puzzled over how to serve small business customers profitably, given that this market falls into a fuzzy grey area between retail and commercial banking. The typical small business – and its owner – needs products and services more complex than those offered to consumers but less robust than those used by large corporations. How Read More

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Making In-Store Branches Deliver

As banks increasingly grapple with trying to reduce the high cost of their branch networks, one would think that more institutions would look at lower-cost in-store branches. The opposite seems to be occurring, however. In the past few years, North American banks shut down 468 in-store branches, including the likes of Bank of America Corp. (66), M&T Read More

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From Brand Ambassador to Financial Consultant

It’s become conventional wisdom in the banking industry to say that the “branch of the future” must evolve from a place where customers primarily conduct transactions to one in which they can seek advice, guidance and professional service on all things financial. That, however, is easier said than done. Our surveys and those of others consistently show Read More

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The Self-Service Solution to Declining Branch Sales

The decline in branch transactions that has been predicted for the last 30 years is finally happening. Online bill payment and the migration of deposits via image capture to the office, the ATM, and the mobile device have finally moved people out of the branch. With branch transactions declining and younger consumers increasingly preferring self-service, banks that Read More

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Combining Sales and Service on the Frontlines

As banks struggle in today’s environment of reduced fee income and weak loan demand, financial institutions need to figure out a way to sell more products to their existing customers. Shifting branch staff away from their transaction functions to more of a sales role is commonly seen as one tactic for accomplishing that. Been there, done that, Read More

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Deconstructing the Branch

The world is changing and the traditional bank branch needs to change with it. Most retail bankers would agree with that statement, at least in part. As customer transactions migrate from branches to electronic channels and a slow-growth economy pinches revenues, bankers generally accept the fact that the branch of the future will at least need to Read More

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Branch Transformation at Extraco

It’s a truism in the industry to say that retail banks need to experiment more with change in an era of shrinking revenue and declining branch traffic but the fact remains that few institutions go beyond cosmetic modifications. One major exception is the $1.2 billion-asset Extraco Banks of Temple, Tex., which spent the last six years radically Read More

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