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Predictive Selling for Cross Sell

Cross-sale? What cross-sell? Most banks offer on average over 100 products and services but 56% of customers only have one product, according to our company’s research. Why? Financial products are generally complex to sell and front-line employees can only master between six to eight products. So how do banks sell more products to their current customer base Read More

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Delivering on the Segmentation Promise

For a good decade or more, when it came to knowing the customer, the banking spirit was willing but the technology was weak. Now, new strengths in analytics make it possible for banks to rise to their long-held aspirations and develop customer relationships of sustainable value. It was inevitable that breakthroughs years ago in data management would Read More

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Earning Rewards from Rewards Programs

With customer loyalty in the financial services markets still in flux, banks have an opportunity to strengthen consumer relationships through rewards programs that are relevant to their customers. This is particularly important because as many as 20% of banking consumers say there is a high likelihood that they will change primary institutions this year and nearly half Read More

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