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What else can electronic signatures do for you?

In 2019, banks made significant strides in implementing electronic signatures to push forward into the next phase of the digital transformation movement and meet the demands of modern consumers.While consumer expectations remain the leading driver for the adoption of e-signatures, banks should not overlook the potential for e-signatures to transform other areas of the institution.Read on to Read More

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Making printers part of your security strategy

Given the proliferation of printers in banking – a large institution may have tens of thousands in facilities spread across the country – printer management needs to play a critical role in the ongoing war against hackers.This issue recently came to the forefront in a hack at Bangladesh Bank that resulted in the loss of $81 million. Read More

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Managing exceptions more efficiently

Exceptions are part of every operation in all businesses, but they are a source of particular concern for financial institutions (FIs). Regulatory examinations concentrate on exceptions to regulatory requirements and exceptions to best practices. The fiduciary responsibility that banks have concerning their clients’ money means that operational exceptions carry risk for financial liability and brand integrity. Exceptions Read More

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Driving growth with operational excellence

Many banks have attempted to apply lean principles to their operations to reduce wasteful activities and inefficiencies. In these operations, management applies lean techniques to a problem area and then charters a team, which uses brainstorming, technology or other approaches to address the issues. The team presents its plan to management for approval, then implements the ideas. Read More

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Improving document management in financial services

Apart from government agencies, financial institutions endure some of the most onerous regulations when it comes to managing information, as well as the high volumes of paperwork that typical business transactions require. While banks have tried to reduce paperwork costs over the last few years, the burden of managing document-based information is still a significant challenge. Take, Read More

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