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ValueWeb and the new age of finance

Money originated as a control mechanism for governments of ancient Sumer to control farmers, based upon shared beliefs. It was then structured during the Industrial Revolution into government-backed institutions, banks, which could issue paper notes and checks that would be as acceptable as gold or coinage, based upon these shared beliefs. We share a belief in banks, Read More

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Enhancing mobile wallets with beaming technology

Despite all the excitement around mobile payments and mobile wallets, consumer adoption has been disappointingly slow. One reason is that current payment apps don’t enable “non-cash” payments and promotions, which reduce the customer incentive and benefit to use them. The value of storing credit and debit cards on a mobile wallet is obvious, but today’s mobile payment Read More

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Banking technology changes in 2016

2015 was a key year of change for the banking industry, with disruption and innovation taking center stage. The pace of change is set to accelerate further in 2016, driven by the continued proliferation of technology, the emergence of non-traditional players across the banking value chain, overall pressure on banks’ bottom lines and evolving customer expectations.As a Read More

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Think simple for digital transformation

A recent report on The Disruption of Banking by The Economist highlighted that more than half of the banks are either ignoring the Fintech trend, or talking but not doing anything about it. In 2016, we are now seeing banks finally starting to tackle the emerging trends by partnering on many fronts, utilizing application program interfaces (APIs) Read More

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FinTech for startups and Techfin for bankers

In conversation with bankers and start-up executives, it is clear that there is a differing view of the world. It is not as clear-cut as nimble innovator versus dinosaur incumbent, which is how many portray this chasm of difference in thinking, but there is a difference in thinking. In fact, it’s a radical difference in thinking, perhaps Read More

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Satisfying the bill pay omnivore

New research from Fiserv reveals consumers value choice when it comes to billing and payments – and these choices lead to increased customer satisfaction and retention. This is especially true for financial institutions acting as a biller, defined as a financial institution that issues recurring monthly bills and statements and collects payments for business and personal loans; Read More

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Accelerating digital enterprise innovation

Developing and implementing a holistic digital strategy and innovation program is critical for financial institutions wanting to thrive in today’s crowded, competitive market, full of disruptive new entrants. However, the reality is that many financial services organizations continue to struggle with understanding, defining, and addressing the nexus of mobile, cloud, Big Data, and social digital solutions in Read More

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Kabbage for Online Credit Advances

For the moment, Kabbage Inc. is only a blip on the radar screen of banks that specialize in small business banking. The Atlanta-based alternative online lender, three years old and funded by venture capital, currently has about 100,000 customer accounts and $200 million in annualized credit advance volume. It is one of several startup lenders that have recently Read More

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Decision Time for Banks on Mobile Wallet

As the hype around mobile wallets continues to build, many banks find themselves at a crossroads in their strategic thinking. On the one hand, a mobile wallet represents a valuable communications channel through which banks can deepen customer relationships, gain valuable insight into spending habits and a clearer understanding of customer attitudes toward new products and services. Read More

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From Mobile Bill Payment to Mobile Wallet

Over the last year, media attention and overall interest in mobile payments has surged dramatically. While point-of-sale (POS) payments and mobile wallets have grabbed most of the headlines, the real story may be the growth of mobile bill payments. Consider these finding from the 2011 Fiserv Billing Household Survey: Almost six million U.S. online households make a Read More

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Sailing to ‘Blue Oceans’ in Mobile Commerce

The flood of activity in mobile commerce is eerily reminiscent of the Internet boom a decade ago when banks developed the host of eCommerce capabilities that are commonplace today. Upon deeper examination, however, the evolution of eCommerce within banking proved to rely on an unfortunate trend of common templates and repetitive boilerplate that littered the web with Read More

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