Coordinating Technology with Strategy

“War is too serious a matter to entrust to military men.” Georges Clemenceau, Prime Minister of France during the First World War, uttered this memorable line as the generals of the Western Front struggled to cope with new technologies introduced by the Industrial Revolution. For four years, the generals pushed their nation’s resources to the brink of Read More

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Banking’s IT Pain Points

I was sitting through a vendor presentation when a slide popped up titled: “Industry Pain Points.” It was an interesting take on the banking industry’s challenges with technology. The slide was divided into four sections, the first of which talked about the challenges of managing technology effectively. The issues here relate to:  increasing total cost of ownership; an Read More

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Measuring the Payoff from Customer Service

Providing superior customer service has been a key differentiating strategy for many financial institutions. After all, we are in a service business and service quality matters. But measuring the payoff has been elusive. We know it’s the right thing to do but can we measure how our investments in customer service really translate into bottom line impact Read More

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Storage Tiering for Data Management

The numbers can seem daunting. IDC predicts that by 2012 the world would generate 2.7 trillion gigabytes of data, up 50% from 2011. McKinsey & Co. predicts that the amount of data generated will grow 40% each year through 2020. Financial services companies are contributing to this rapid pace of data growth. McKinsey reports that financial institutions Read More

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Managing the Back Office via Desktop Capture

Managing the “behind-the-scenes” of back-office operational areas, such as consumer loans and transaction processing, bears a strong resemblance to putting on a Broadway show. You have 1) a script (your list of tasks and process maps that tell you what should be happening when); 2) your cast (key knowledge workers and a supporting team of data entry clerks, Read More

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Want Process Improvement? Mandate It!

In an effort to be an obliging father, I recently took my daughter shopping for some new clothes. She is hitting her pre-teen years so clothes and music have suddenly escalated in importance. While trying to be a good dad I made the mistake of offering my suggestions on her selection in clothes, only to hear that Read More

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Balancing Revenue and Expenses for IT

When adversity happens, bankers seem to adopt one of two strategies for their Information Technology (IT) projects. In the fall of 2008, for example, with the credit crisis creating fear across the industry, the immediate reaction was to slash spending. Many approved projects – new branches, new technology and new technology integrations – were put on ice, Read More

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Making IT Serve Business Strategy

I recently attended a conference where one manager, in a discussion of her bank’s Information Technology (IT) strategy and operations, expressed the commonly held belief that “IT doesn’t speak the language of business.” She added that by 2007, her company knew that “IT was broken, and needed to be fixed.” 2007 was the year that McKinsey & Read More

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Five Considerations for Cloud Banking

The cloud. It seems like everyone from technology pundits to mothers in TV commercials is talking about how computing is moving to the cloud – the delivery of applications to distributed users from a central location rather than putting software on individual PCs or local servers. And there’s fire behind the smoke. Gartner estimates that worldwide cloud Read More

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A Community Bank’s Differentiation Strategy

Life is not easy for community banks these days. Like the rest of the industry, they struggle with increased regulatory burdens and costs while dealing with the added disadvantage of competing with larger national and regional players who possess more marketing and technology resources. Yet, community banks retain a few cards to play such as local presence Read More

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