Top 10 banking trends for 2016

New partnerships between legacy banking organizations and fintech startups and improving the customer experience dominated the list of predictions that I gathered for the fifth edition of our annual retail banking trends study. Over 100 contributors to the study also agreed that making “big data” actionable and introducing “optichannel” delivery would be important in 2016. As in Read More

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Competing with digital disruptors

Digital disruption, or the use of digital technologies and business models to improve business performance, has the potential to overturn incumbents and reshape markets faster than perhaps any force in history. That may sound bold, but we’ve seen it before. In the mobile industry, Apple and Android devastated the pre-smartphone brands such as Nokia, Blackberry and Palm. Now, digital disruption Read More

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Mobile-first banking for branch employees

The average bank branch is 25 years old, designed for a different era, and in-branch foot traffic is proving to be on a steady decline. As the channel evolves, bankers have gone through a long list of updates in order to maintain relevancy and efficiency. Ironically, it’s digital solutions that offer a universal key to a successful Read More

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Accelerating digital enterprise innovation

Developing and implementing a holistic digital strategy and innovation program is critical for financial institutions wanting to thrive in today’s crowded, competitive market, full of disruptive new entrants. However, the reality is that many financial services organizations continue to struggle with understanding, defining, and addressing the nexus of mobile, cloud, Big Data, and social digital solutions in Read More

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So long to one time passwords

As the incidence and sophistication of account takeover attacks continue to grow, security breaches at prominent global brands, such as Target and eBay, are becoming regular news items. Today, customer data can be thought of as a new, valuable currency for fraudsters, prompting the digital underground to launch better coordinated and structured attacks on a much larger Read More

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Keeping up with FinTech

Since 2008, investment in the fintech (financial services technology) sector has tripled and is expected to reach $8 billion by 2018, according to a recent report by Accenture. The fact that the rapid development and expansion of the fintech sector started at the same time as the last recession is no coincidence. During that time, traditional banks Read More

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Three steps for mobile marketing

Consumers have embraced their mobile devices to check balances, make payments and conduct other financial activities, giving marketers the ability to reach them more easily. But, to take advantage of this access, bank marketers need tools that create a personalized experience and anticipate customers’ needs in real-time. Financial institutions able to deliver a tailored experience with optimal Read More

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Creating the FinTech dream in financial services

I find it interesting that so many bloggers on financial technology (fintech) sites deride the banks for being slow, clueless or stupid. They talk about how banks don’t do this, don’t do that; fail at this, fail at that; have no idea, cannot change; are stuck in the past or have their heads in the ground like an Read More

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Personalized mobile apps for marketing

As mobile banking apps become more prevalent, institutions need to take advantage of the mobile platform as a marketing opportunity. The best way to do this is by producing an app that delivers a useful, personalized experience. And that means going beyond delivering generic push notifications. For example, if you know that a customer is looking to Read More

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Strategically realigning digital and branches

Digital shopping now influences roughly 80% of the origination stream for new consumer checking relationships, yet 90% of new-to-bank checking accounts are still opened in the branch. This awkward juxtaposition has left many banks at a competitive disadvantage in the unfamiliar territory of digital marketing while also feeling hopelessly tied to expensive branch networks, where most new Read More

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