Defining the New Paradigm of Banking

As 2011 draws to a close, most bankers would agree that the financial services industry is sorely in need of a New Paradigm; the old business models look increasingly strained in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008-2009, the subsequent regulatory overkill and now the accelerating Eurozone crisis. But what should that new paradigm encompass? According Read More

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The True Power of Online Banking

People rarely visit their bank branch anymore. Our recent research with a number of European banks shows that visits to their Websites outnumber branch visits by a factor of fifty to one hundred. Meanwhile, app users make contact with their bank through their smartphone three to four times more often than the average online customer. The future Read More

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The ‘Third-Party Element’ in Mobile Fraud

The threat will come. Bank of America Corp.’s Donna Turner, senior vice president, global fraud policy executive, repeated this phrase three times, like a mantra, during her presentation on mobile fraud at last month’s BAI Payments Connect conference. And all the other panelists agreed: mobile fraud is not yet a serious problem for the financial services industry Read More

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On the Alert for Mobile Alerts

Mobile banking alerts are becoming more popular as banks put more muscle behind marketing and expanded offerings. The most popular alerts right now tend to be ones that help customers keep on top of their balances. Bankers and analysts say tough economic times and a greater desire to play a proactive role in managing their day-to-day finances Read More

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