Payments Hubs to Maximize Payments Revenue

The recent financial crisis and continuing impact of a slow growth economy and increased regulation has focused financial institutions on the need to be more agile and innovative. This requires greater flexibility from the technology that underpins card services and other payment processes. Banks need platforms that improve their ability to anticipate changes, respond quickly and ensure Read More

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Planning for Alternative Delivery

Over the last year, almost every strategic technology planning discussion or project in which I participated focused in large part on alternative delivery planning. Most banks are asking a variant of two questions: How do we decide which technology to deploy, and in what order, to generate the greatest positive impact to our current business model? And, Read More

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The Behavioral Approach to Deposit Pricing

Let’s face it, consumers are not rational in their purchase and use of checking accounts. Instead, they make decisions affected by their emotional needs, particularly concerning simplicity, acceptance and immediate gratification. While some of us may not find it surprising that emotions drive consumer behavior in addition to logic, it appears that many retail bank executives developing Read More

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