Success factors for fixing the bank

When channel switching on TV, I always tend to linger on three programs: Kitchen Nightmares with the always-profane Gordon Ramsey, Restaurant: Impossible with Robert Irvine, and Bar Rescue with Jon Taffer. Each host operates as a consultant dealing with booze or food rather than financial issues, but the situations they address, their approach to problem solving and Read More

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Three tips for growing core customer relationships

Have you heard this from a community banker? “We are uniquely positioned to service the affluent customer.” And, “Our service is second to none.”Don’t fool yourself. Your prospects don’t know about your service unless it causes problems for them. And, very few community-based financial institutions are more uniquely positioned to serve the affluent class than are their Read More

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Improving the customer experience with journey mapping

Sometimes, a simple shift in perspective makes a big difference. That’s what banks are discovering when their contact centers utilize a method of analysis known as “customer journey mapping.” By looking at their internal processes from the customer’s point of view, these institutions are improving both contact center efficiency and customer satisfaction.The practice of customer journey mapping Read More

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Transforming branch staff with predictive analytics

In recent years, banks have been focused on driving costs out of the branch network with self-service technology, branch closures and staff reductions. Yet, there is a genuine risk that driving any more cost out of the branches with across-the-board staff cuts will drive customers out of the bank altogether.“Workforce is the lifeblood of any organization,” according Read More

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Six lessons for making open office work

The “open office” is a growing trend in corporate America. Eliminating walls and private offices is proving to be popular with CEOs, such as Citigroup’s Michael Corbat, who are certain of an open office’s cost reduction benefits and hopeful of its collaboration potential. Yet, the open office has also delivered some unintended consequences, such as increased noise Read More

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Reconfiguring branch staffing for sales

As consumer digital migration drains ever more branch traffic, banks have been working through a delicate transition with branch staffing.Amid all the pressing questions, sales, service, headcount and skills, executives have drawn comfort from the assumption that they at least had a rough idea of how consumer branch usage would shake out. Ultimately, it has been thought, Read More

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Managing exceptions more efficiently

Exceptions are part of every operation in all businesses, but they are a source of particular concern for financial institutions (FIs). Regulatory examinations concentrate on exceptions to regulatory requirements and exceptions to best practices. The fiduciary responsibility that banks have concerning their clients’ money means that operational exceptions carry risk for financial liability and brand integrity. Exceptions Read More

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Driving growth with operational excellence

Many banks have attempted to apply lean principles to their operations to reduce wasteful activities and inefficiencies. In these operations, management applies lean techniques to a problem area and then charters a team, which uses brainstorming, technology or other approaches to address the issues. The team presents its plan to management for approval, then implements the ideas. Read More

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Reducing bank courier expenses

In today’s sluggish economy, banks are looking under every rock for cost savings in order to show better earnings growth. One source of expense control, however, has been hiding in plain sight: the cost of courier services. With Branch Image Capture (BIC) and Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) technology, physical copies of checks are no longer necessary to Read More

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The Henry Ford School of bank digitization

Ask banking executives about their top priorities and you are likely to hear that they are pursuing “digitization.” But it’s not immediately clear what this term means. How is it different from automation? The easiest way to grasp the contrast is to think of how digitization has transformed music purchases, travel booking, grocery shopping and taxi services. Read More

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