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Betting on Forward Implied Yields

An astonishing number of bankers (rookies and veterans alike) express the view that the forward implied yield is just another generally inaccurate method of predicting future interest rates. Those who dismiss “forward implied yield” by citing its statistical inaccuracy for predicting the future of interest rates miss the most important point. The forward implied yield provides those Read More

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Banks Gain in Wealth Management Marketing

While banks still face a marketing challenge in selling retirement advice and wealth management services, they are making inroads in competing against traditional brokerage firms and self-service brokerages for “mass affluent” customers. Forty-three percent of Americans see banks as a trusted source for retirement advice, an increase from 41% in 2010, according to a 2011 survey of 4,500 Read More

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The Future of Branches: Reinvention

Many industry analysts and practitioners clearly believe the future of retail banking requires a dramatic reduction in the absolute numbers of bank branches across the U.S. In a recent column, banking investor and analyst Tom Brown went as far as to say that “sprawling branch networks are about to become high-cost millstones.” There’s a problem with this Read More

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Retirement Is Key to Advising Affluent

Much has been written about the opportunity for banks to advise affluent customers on retirement planning. Indeed, Mercatus has seen the importance of retirement as a financial priority hold steady year after year in our consumer surveys. Banks as a category have made significant gains in 401(k) rollover and retirement-driven share of wallet capture and have performed Read More

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