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Professional Development Courseware

More Knowledge Means Better Business — For Everyone In Your Organization

Prepare Your Organization For Continued Growth

It might be their first day on the job. They might be on the fast track toward management. They could be leaders, or they could be on the Board. No matter what, to be competitive, to build your future, and to continue to support the community, professional development is for everyone.

At BAI, we support people at every stage of their career. We know that only by continually challenging ourselves, exploring new ideas, and deepening our knowledge can we continually improve.

Professional development isn’t an endpoint. It’s a career-long journey.

Enhance Your Day-to-Day Operations

The financial services industry is complicated. Employees need to understand everything from regulations to customer service to leadership. Whether they are going to lead their teams or lead the whole organization, employees can take advantage of targeted Professional Development.

BAI Professional Skills courses contain valuable training on an array of business-related topics from customer relationship management, communication skills, leadership and human resources. This course series helps your employees enhance your day-to-day operations, allowing your financial services organization to:

  • Build and maintain stronger customer relationships.
  • Convey deep industry knowledge and confidence.
  • Retain service-focused, passionate employees through ongoing leadership development.
  • Deepen the engagement of your future leaders.

Professional Development Course Categories

Team members can learn at their own pace and on their own time. Easily assign and track completion of diverse courses covering topics like:

  • Communications
  • Leadership and Management
  • Sales and Support
  • Human Resources
  • Ethics
  • Career Development
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Make Professional Development Easy With The BAI Learning Manager

You don’t need to offer the same courses to everyone in your organization. Our Learning Management System deploys Career Pathing configuration software, individual student and manager dashboards, and custom catalog management to make sure the right people succeed at the right courses.

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Learning Beyond Courseware

Looking for a way to track learning outside of courseware? Looking for an easier way to upload, and distribute the current versions of job aids and training resources? BAI’s documents and resources functionality allows you to do this and so much more. Access hundreds of documents & resources that BAI has to offer, and integrate your own videos, job aides, and policies within the BAI Learning Manager. Increase your efficiency and productivity within your organization by clearly communicating checklist and red flag documents, helping your colleagues get a grip on regulatory changes and current policies, and reach the next level of collaboration at your organization by encouraging a culture of compliance and excellence.

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How Leaders Lead Their Organizations Forward

Leaders don’t get to where they are by sitting still — they’re always ready to move forward. As the financial industry continues to transform, leaders want to keep getting better and help their employees improve.

  • Deliver the knowledge and skills so your employees can help transform your organization.
  • Place innovation directly in the hands of your current and future leaders.
  • Provide the tools necessary for employee career advancement and organizational transformation.
  • Deploy self-directed, convenient learning opportunities for busy leaders.

The BAI Leadership Innovation Library is built specifically for financial services leaders to meet the growing demands of a changing industry.

The Leadership Innovation Library Courses

This series of courses, whether part of your career pathing program or standalone, delivers practical information, in a step-by-step framework, on how to lead innovation initiatives, case studies to guide successful projects and clear goals for success.

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  • Leadership in Innovation
  • Building Internal Innovation Capabilities
  • How to Implement a High-Touch Coaching Program
  • How to Boost Digital Adoption for Your Financial Services Organization
  • Attracting and Retaining Millennial Consumers
  • Assessing Risks: Banking Marijuana-Related Businesses
  • Identifying Market Opportunities for Consumers Age 50 and Older
  • Assessing Your Organization’s Readiness to Pursue a New Technology Solution

Keep Growing With Strategic Knowledge for Board of Directors

So much of your organization’s success depends on the Board of Directors. It’s crucial that they are plugged in on all matters internally and externally.

That’s why BAI has developed tools designed specially to empower your board members with critical knowledge and insights. This includes:

  • Understanding of regulatory issues
  • Digging into compliance issues
  • Understanding their roles as board members
  • Having org-specific product knowledge

The Board of Directors series provides everything you need to effectively facilitate in-person or virtual training sessions. Materials are also included for reference and self-study.

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Board of Director Strategic Knowledge Courses

The BAI Board of Directors Insights Series equips your directors with the knowledge necessary to guide the objectives, strategy, and operation of your organization while aligning with the latest regulatory requirements.

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  • The Role of the Board of Directors
  • Introduction to Compliance
  • Financial Literacy
  • TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule
  • BSA
  • Reg O (for Banks)
  • Fair Lending
  • Privacy Regulation
  • Non-deposit Investment Products
  • Information Security
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We have targeted, actionable, user-specific courses for everyone in your organization. It’s how we boost development and raise up the industry.

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