Promote a Culture of Compliance

The BAI Learning Manager

Streamline Planning, Assignment, and Management of Your Training Programs

Focusing on the Completion of Required Training and Encouraging Engagement

The BAI Learning Manager is designed specifically for the complexities of modern eLearning engagement challenges and the financial services industry, giving you the power to streamline your training. You can:

  • Build and deliver tailored training programs
  • Assign highly targeted training plans
  • Track employee completion status
  • Track your entire program electronically, including webinars and in-person training
  • Build more efficient and effective collaboration across your organization
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The best Learning Manager software is about more than teaching, it’s about encouraging engagement and providing opportunities for growth. That is why BAI’s training is tailored to specific skills of interest and professional development planning. BAI recognizes that a Learning Manager designed for the financial services industry should do more than just display the course content. It should make it easy to assign the right courses to the right learners. It should encourage learners to complete required training before the due date. And, it should track learner activity and report on the key data requested by regulators. You can expect all of this through our Learning Manager.

Ease of Use For Administrators and Students

From administering the courses to taking them, the BAI LMS makes it easy for everyone. 

“I don’t have to work to find my course. They launch in one click, and when I’m done, they automatically move to my transcript. All I have to do is take the course.”


“I can use the easy dashboards to access quick visual summaries of learning assignments, progress, and overall performance. It’s everything I need in one window.”


“I get automatic notifications for my employees training status so I can help them stay on track if they are overdue. It makes compliance training easy for everyone involved.”


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BAI Training Insights Transforms the Way Your Organization Plans Training

Experience a better way to plan training with BAI Training Insights, the innovative tool in the BAI Learning Manager, that helps you develop and document training selections more efficiently.

Fostering stronger collaboration across your organization while enhancing productivity and audit readiness, BAI Training Insights gives you confidence that you are effectively managing your organizational risk with your annual training.

Simplify Administration of Your Instructor-Led Training

The BAI Learning Manager can help you organize, track, and report on instructor-led training. Whether the training is live in person, in a webinar, or in online synchronous training course, BAI makes it easy to administer.

The BAI Learning Manager includes:

  • An events calendar that can track future and past activities.
  • Enrollment options for learners, managers, instructors, and administrators.
  • Automated waiting lists with configurable controls.
  • Pre-requisites, resources, and surveys.
  • Roster statuses with sign-in, no-show, and successful completion.
  • And completion reports.
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BAI Career Pathing, Skills Tracking, and Badging

Students are more engaged in their professional development if they have clearly defined goals and methods for tracking their progress as they pursue those goals. BAI Career Pathing and Badging functionality within the BAI Learning Manager, helps you:

  • Increase student engagement
  • Improve employee retention and recruitment
  • Simplify new hire onboarding
  • Promote specific skills sets within the organization
  • Better prepare internal candidates for career advancement
Assign the Right Courses

Automation for Highly Targeted Training Plans

BAI’s Rules Engine provides you the confidence to assign or distribute courses or documents to any group of learners at your organization. The Rules Engine will:

  • Save you time in planning and assigning training
  • Distinguish between required versus recommended training
  • Help audit assignment changes made by your team
  • Reduce risks for your organization

These administrative features help save you time and increase the effectiveness of your compliance management program.

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Detailed Completion Reporting Reduces Risk

The BAI LMS has comprehensive reporting capabilities that provide examiners with a complete picture of your organization’s compliance training program.

  • Completion reporting is designed specifically for regulatory examination needs.
  • Create and review reports that can then be analyzed, delivered automatically, and easily exported for audits and federal examinations.
  • Reports are easy to design and tailor for your specific needs and schedule for automatic delivery.

Unique Options For Your Unique Team

Since the training needs of every organization are unique, BAI offers multiple subscription options for the learning management system. This allows you to choose the BAI solution that is right for your organization.

You have a unique financial institution. You have unique employee needs. You need a tool that recognizes how different you are and grows with you. You deserve a learning management system that helps you meet your goals — not just check a Training box.

  • Design training based on job function, hire date, department, and other criteria with the click of a button.
  • Manage Instructor-Led Training including scheduling, wait-listing, self-enrollment, and attendance tracking.
  • Add or remove course assignments from year-to-year
  • Adapt BAI courseware course content and assessments to incorporate information specific to your organization.

You can even brand our LMS with your logo. We’re here to support your goals and the needs of the entire banking industry.

BAI Premium offers a robust solution with the ability to personalize training, while BAI Essentials is a more streamlined offering. BAI Essentials Plus provides all the benefits of BAI Essentials, with access to BAI Training Insights.

By streamlining training planning and management with the BAI Learning Manager, your team is free to focus on core job functions, and your training investment saves valuable time in the long run.

Grow with BAI

Be Ready For Audits. Be Ready For Tomorrow.

When learning is easy, you do more than pass audits. You prepare your employees to better serve your bank, your customers, and your community. It’s how we grow.