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Navigate compliance and professional development training with ease. The BAI Nonbank Compliance Series gives you courseware specific to your needs, with a comprehensive catalog of hundreds of courses. The BAI learning management system provides intuitive, self-paced training, that is easily accessible electronically. Tailor the program for your organization, then train and report to regulatory examiners – all with one of the most trusted providers in the industry – BAI.

BAI provides compliance training courses for:

  • Receivables management businesses
  • Marketplace lenders
  • Online lenders
  • Auto finance companies and title lenders
  • Consumer lenders
  • Money services businesses
  • Alternative lenders

Financial Services Organizations Rely On BAI For Their Compliance Training and Professional Development

Trusted By Regulators

Multiple state and federal regulatory agencies use BAI courseware to train their examiners. When your training is the same as theirs, your business has an even better chance of meeting their standards. In fact, the BAI Nonbank Compliance Series was developed by former regulatory examiners, Certified Regulatory Compliance Managers (CRCM), and Certified Risk Professionals (CRP), as well as other compliance experts. Plus, the BAI team continuously monitors regulatory agencies to ensure our content is updated at least 90 days prior to regulatory changes, giving you confidence your BAI courseware is timely, precise and relevant to your learners.

An Innovative, User Friendly Learning Management System Designed for the Financial Services Industry

In the financial services industry, it is not only important to encourage course completion, but also track and document the timing. Assignments need to be precise in terms of job responsibilities, and successful completions need to be clearly defined. The powerful BAI Learning Manager lets you spend more time on education and less on administration. Learn more.

Streamline and improve learning with:

  • An instructional design philosophy that means minimal time spent training and optimal knowledge retention
  • The latest learning techniques, like scenario-based questions, interactive content, and mixed media
  • Ability for each learner to easily see where they left off and what’s due – then launch their next course with a single click
  • Automated notifications that let your learners know they have new training assigned and alert managers to overdue training
  • Intuitive interface and dashboard that provide performance management capabilities, including quick visual summaries of who’s learned what and more

Comprehensive, Up-To-Date Content

With hundreds of courses for nonbanks, BAI courseware is:

  • Relevant – Education built around real-world scenarios that provide context throughout our courses, making it easy for your learners to understand how the material is applicable to their day-to-day roles.
  • Current – Up-to-date business and regulatory information, thanks to our industry experts, including former regulatory examiners, so you can have confidence your courseware is always relevant.
  • Flexible – Incorporate internal training materials and policies to help ensure your training accommodates your organization’s own best practices.
  • Editable – Tailor BAI courseware, including course content and assessments, to your organizational needs.

Plus, with objective insights into every facet of the financial services industry, BAI is uniquely equipped to design the courses your teams need.

Dedicated, Unmatched Support for NBFI Training

From initial setup of your new training program, to ongoing support as your needs change, BAI is here to ensure your program evolves and your organizational needs are met. You have access to a dedicated BAI representative who can help maximize your use of the wide variety of BAI resources, so you can make the most of your training efforts.


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