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  • The C-Suite Guide to the Banking Core

    Jun 1, 2017
    Today more than ever, digital technology is evolving at lighting speed and dominating the way financial organizations engage with their customers. Keeping pace with this constant change while meeting customer demand for a seamless omnichannel experience can be daunting, but not impossible. So how can financial organizations enhance their digital capabilities that will help them take their services and customer satisfaction to the next level? And the answer is: Core banking transformation.
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  • BAI Retail Banking Outlook

    Jun 6, 2017
    Whether it’s defining the balance between digital and traditional channels or a renewed focus on talent management, financial services organizations face critical issues on several fronts. Learn what senior retail banking executives are focusing on in 2017, and stay up to date on current industry trends.
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Learn from other key opinion leaders in the industry on topics that continue to be informative, thought provoking, and relevant in today's financial services world.

  • HMDA, TRID, and More: Navigating Regulatory Change in Mortgage Lending

    Today’s mortgage lending market is complex and challenging. This webinar will address the challenges associated with navigating today's mortgage lending world from a regulatory perspective. Please join this complimentary BAI webinar with presenter Richard Horn
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  • Dodd-Frank – Prepare for potential changes

    Changes to Dodd-Frank could have broad impacts across the financial industry and present new challenges for financial service organizations. This discussion will cover recent and anticipated changes in banking regulation as well as recommended areas of focus for compliance and risk functions within financial institutions.
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  • Beyond CRM: Why Sales Analytics Is Crucial for Sales Success

    CRM systems are important. But if you depend on CRM for sales analytics, you’re missing the bigger picture—and letting important opportunities slip. How can you get the intelligence you need, from the data sources that matter, to drive sales strategy that wins? It starts with choosing a sales analytics platform that goes beyond CRM, diving deep into data and empowering users to make decisions that matter.
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  • Rates Are Rising- Are You Ready?

    Interest rates are on the rise, but what does that mean for the financial services industry? Take a journey through the past eight years to see how industry deposit trends have completely reshaped the deposit portfolio. Learn how bank balances shifted, what changed in cost of funds and where deposit balance growth has been realized. Find out how these trends will impact strategy as interest rates rise and what practical steps you can take to help prepare your organization in this changing landscape.
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  • Best of BAI Beacon: Data Analytics to Improve Efficiency of Compliance Monitoring Programs

    The sheer volume of data available and its potential to provide valuable insights to meet reporting and compliance standards, as well as reduce risk, is very beneficial. This volume of data can also mean that financial services companies are overwhelmed and are challenged to make sense of their information and derive value.
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  • Enhancing Account Holder Satisfaction During Digital Conversions and Enterprise Change Events

    Digital conversions and other significant enterprise change events can create challenges. But with proper planning, training and support, they can provide lasting benefits by improving account holder retention and satisfaction, and increasing sales opportunities.
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  • Best of BAI Beacon: FinTech Opportunities for Small and Mid Size Enterprises

    Small and medium size businesses (SME), despite being a significant part of many of the world’s economies and major contributors to economic growth, are notoriously underserved by traditional financial institutions. This is even more glaring when looking at the emerging segment of digitally native enterprises, which require completely different types of financial services and are the seeds from which companies such as Google, Uber and Airbnb are born. Startups, on the other hand, have been busy exploring new ways of serving this vast segment of customers and gaining great insights in the process.
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  • A.I., Coming Soon to a Bank Near You

    Given the massive exposure A.I. has been getting in the media lately, you likely know that artificial intelligence (A.I.) holds major promise for the future of business – across all industries. What you might not know, however, is how A.I. is being implemented today to accomplish very practical objectives by leading global financial services organizations; such as to improve debt collection, enable customized, smart service menus, provide answers to complex foreign trade questions and more.
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  • Training Frontline Professionals to Serve Well and Sell Right

    No matter the industry, the frontline is key to the bottom-line. Not only is the frontline the first line of defense in mitigating risk, they are the drivers of new and expanded customer relationships. Therefore, training professionals must optimize the return on their training investment by providing instruction that demonstrates how to engage customers in meaningful discussions, align financial needs with appropriate products and services, and expand profitable customer relationships.
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  • Four Trends Impacting Your Bank’s Customer Experience

    Bank officers typically rank, “meeting customer expectations”, among the top challenges facing today’s financial institutions. That’s because customers are becoming increasingly more demanding, often expecting their bank to deliver higher levels of service and personalization. And, why shouldn’t they?
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  • Emerging Employment Law Risk: Preparing Your Financial Services Organization

    The dynamic employment law environment promises to present new challenges for financial services organizations in 2017. Join us for this complimentary BAI webinar, Emerging Employment Law Risk: Preparing Your Financial Services Organization and learn about recent and anticipated changes in employment law, as well as related employee training considerations.
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  • NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulations – Are you ready?

    Financial institutions doing business in New York must be ready to comply with the new cybersecurity rules from the state’s financial regulator. The regulations—the first of their kind—will impose stringent cybersecurity rules and requirements on banks, credit unions, insurers and others regulated by the state’s Department of Financial Services. Expect to prepare for changes in staffing, data protection requirements and reporting.
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  • Making the Case for E-Signature

    While important to many top initiatives at retail banks and credit unions, it continues to be a challenge for many banks to prepare a solid business case for e-signature solutions that the many stakeholders across the enterprise can support. But without an e-signature solution, key priorities like paperless account origination, fraud detection and prevention, and seamless customer service cannot be achieved.
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  • Best of BAI Beacon: Millennials & Mobile: Identifying & Reaching Your Next Best Customers

    Mobile is where to reach and connect with your current customers – and to help new customers discover and connect with your business. And that means marketing and advertising need to be mobile first, not just digital first. One key growth segment is Millennials because they are growing in economic power—and they are also just growing up.
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  • Best of BAI Beacon: Identity Theft - The Rise in Synthetic Fraud

    Identity theft continues to be a growing concern for financial institutions large and small, but authorities say there is a new twist on an old problem - synthetic identity fraud. It is more prevalent today because with the switch to chip cards, fraud at the point of sale is hard to commit.
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  • Leveraging Technology to Enhance Customer Experience

    Customer experience is crucial to brand loyalty and customer longevity. And let’s face it; technology plays a huge role in the digitally savvy consumer’s perception of how well their needs are met. While many financial institutions tend not to think much of their online offerings, they are trusted by customers above almost any other service provider and report greater satisfaction with online banking than expected. So how can financial institutions take their services and customer satisfaction to the next level?
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