BAI Deep Dive

A complimentary series of on-demand thought leadership that focuses on a key issue impacting the financial services industry.

September 2023

Combating Current Fraud Threats

Fraud continues to be a growing concern among the financial services industry. Financial institutions continue to battle against established techniques but have also had to adapt to new threats as well.

The BAI Deep Dive: Combating Current Fraud Threats includes the latest insights, methods and technology that can help your financial institution stay ahead of fraudsters.

March 2023

What’s Next for the Digital Experience

Digital transformation in the financial services industry is more than customer-facing applications such as a website or mobile app. It can, and does, incorporate all technology from an end-to-end perspective. Technology can enable a wide variety of innovation within back-end platforms and enhance back-of-house efficiencies.  

Learn how your financial services organization can leverage technology to improve the full digital experience during the upcoming BAI Deep Dive. 

September 2022

Financial Fraud Prevention

This series of thought-leadership content shares the latest insights, methods and technology that can help your financial institution address current and potential fraud trends.

May 2022

Making Digital Transformation in Lending a Reality

End-to-end digital transformation of your lending strategy will benefit both your financial services organization and your customers, giving you the power to reach new markets, develop new lending products and improve the customer experience.

March 2022

Addressing Banking’s Top Business Challenges

Gain insights on a better digital customer experience, loan growth and new customer acquisition during BAI’s series of on-demand content.

September 2021

Personalizing the Customer Experience

Get insights, trends and research from financial leaders and solution providers during BAI’s complimentary, three-day series.

March 2021

Digital Acceleration

The pandemic shifted digital transformation into high gear. Get insights on how banks and credit unions can keep pace, strengthen their strategy and meet customers’ new digital expectations.

deep dive serving customers
October 2020

Serving Customers in 2021

Gain insights on how banks and credit unions changed their customer service during the COVID crisis and the opportunities they have to enhance their approach in 2021 and beyond.

Customer experience evolves in a COVID-19 world
June 2020

Customer Experience Evolves in a COVID-19 World

Creating a strong customer experience in a rapidly changing delivery model is one of the top challenges that leaders are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. How can you provide excellent service across all channels while keeping employees and customers safe?