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Financial Fraud Prevention

This series of thought-leadership content shares the latest insights, methods and technology that can help your financial institution address current and potential fraud trends.


Data’s expanding role in protecting against fraud

Banking institutions lose billions of dollars each year to fraud, and every dollar lost comes with a 4X multiplier that jacks up the costs. ServiceNow’s Greg Kanevski talks with BAI’s Terry Badger about how banks and credit unions can put data to better use to push back on the bad actors and save big money in the process.


Solving SIM-swap fraud and poor UX

SIM-swap fraud has become a significant threat in financial services. Banking customers reliant on SMS OTPs to access or authenticate their accounts or transactions are left especially vulnerable.


Secure & compliant real-time payments

Criminals are exploiting the instant nature of real-time payments. Financial institutions need to stay ahead of financial crime as well as strike the right balance between customer experience and de-risking payments.


The fraud prevention balancing act: protection vs friction

Gain insights from industry leaders at KeyBank, US Bank and BAI about what types of fraud are on the rise and what they’re doing to combat it effectively.


Social engineering scams: Like the worst blind date

Scammers take advantage of the human desire to be connected, build relationships and gain trust. Behavioral biometrics can help protect financial institutions and their customers from scams, even when genuine users are participating in the fraud transaction.


How banks can curb the threat of fake identities with real solutions

Deterring synthetic identity fraud doesn’t have to come at the price of a seamless customer experience. Banks and credit unions can prevent and manage fraud by implementing an innovative, multi-layered, consumer-centric, flexible identity verification strategy.