BAI Deep Dive

Making Digital Transformation in Lending a Reality

End-to-end digital transformation of your lending strategy will benefit both your financial services organization and your customers, giving you the power to reach new markets, develop new lending products and improve the customer experience.


Lending as a Service: Expanding Beyond Traditional Lending Channels

Gain insights from industry leaders at Regions Bank, Truist and Infosys about the opportunities lending as a service presents. They also share what they learned from digitally transforming an organization’s lending services.

Lending as a Service

From Banking Boomers to Zoomers: Buy Now, Pay Later

Buy now pay later (BNPL) has rapidly grown in popularity, especially with younger customers. While fintechs are still the biggest players, banks can also quickly build and roll out a BNPL offering.


Digital Transformation in Lending: Keys to Success

Bringing together an “Apple-like experience, Google-like targeting and Amazon-like fulfillment” is a true digital transformation, says Dennis Gada, Head of Financial Services at Infosys. He and BAI CMO Holly Hughes discuss how financial services organizations can bring that successful transformation to lending.


Building Relationships With the Next Gen Through Lending

Millennials and Gen Z represent almost half of the U.S. population, and they’re growing up so fast. Terry Badger from BAI discusses with Bal Shukla from Infosys and Rajesh Shah from Citizens Bank why lending is the right product set for banks to build strong relationships with younger Americans.


Onboard Better: Lending Made Easy with Infosys Finacle

Any bank can now digitize its customer onboarding process, even for something as complex as a small business loan. See how Infosys Finacle can support the entire application process.